EatWorkPlay CLT - Connecting Charlotte Millennials to their local community and culture.

We Love Charlotte! Plain and simple. Our passion for this amazing city and the millennials that live in it is the gas that is fueling our 8 cylinder turbo diesel engine, all day and all night!

We won't rest until new and current residents in Charlotte call the Queen City home, and feel connected to it. 

Davon Bailey

Founder | The Captain @davon.bailey

Originating from the DC-Maryland-Virginia Metropolitan area, Davon Bailey has a knack for bringing some of the city life to Charlotte. Davon enjoys entrepreneurship, shooting hoops, and traveling back and forth between LA and Charlotte.  He doesn't particularly care for clubs, so he's on a quest to discover all the other options available with individuals who share similar sentiments of finding the perfect sense of work-life balance.

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