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Eat Work Play followers are some of the most amazing people in Charlotte. They are educated, involved, and excited about Charlotte's culture and growth. These professional millennials are involved in their community and LOVE local business. You probably see this pride and love every time one walks in your door! 

Professional millennials are a unique demographic, demanding real time, relevant, and quality answers to their needs. They also live on social media. To reach this demographic you must be 'top of mind'!  

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  • Instagram: More than 39,000 Followers
  • Newsletter: 1,700+ Subscribers
  • Website: 1,900 Unique Visitors (and growing)
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Keep Your Business 'Top of Mind'

At Eat Work Play Charlotte we firmly believe in brand advertising, which means keeping your business top of mind when a Charlotte professional millennial has a need. Smart marketers understand this, and if you think like us, we want to work with you! 

Advertising/Branding Opportunities

EWP Local Perks

Differentiate your business from the competition and gain access to our growing number of EWP Local Perks card users! 

EWP Offers

Promote a product or event that our followers will love! We'll include you on our website and our newsletter. 


Visual content is engaging and is a great way to show what Charlotte business is made of. 

Website Sponsors

Our website traffic is growing at 20% month over month! Sponsorships are limited to 20 spots, so we can work closely with you to create focused and engaging campaigns. Sponsors get reduced rates on EWP Offers, Instagram posts, event sponsorships, and job postings. 

Event Sponsors

Events can put you in touch with a target group of people who are interested in your business. 

Job Postings

Need help finding amazing talent? EWP followers are one of a kind, professional, and smart individuals! 

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