Inner Peaks: Charlotte's Biggest and Baddest Climbing Gym

By: Jacob Robinson
Photography: Nick Bossi

I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect as I drove up South Tryon looking for Inner Peaks’ sign. In all honesty, I really wasn’t sure how a climbing gym would fit into South End…

I now know, without a doubt, Inner Peaks opening in South End is going to absolutely change your life. For the Better!

A few minutes later, I spotted the sign, pulled in quickly, and walked into the tremendous building. With my first steps I was overcome by its size. Inner Peaks is truly amazing! As you walk into the climbing area you are greeted by towering walls that peak at 42’, a myriad of colorful holds, and a large lounge for climbers. Words do not do it justice and in many respects the architecture of this building is a piece of art.

Inside waiting, was part owner of Inner Peaks, Doug. He’s a “Grade A” guy who has a passion for Charlotte and is on the forefront of its growth. After introductions, we started our tour. Here’s everything you need to know about Inner Peaks.

Climbing at Inner Peaks

There are two types of climbing at Inner Peaks. For those of you who are new to climbing here’s a brief overview.

  • Top Roping: involves you, a rope, and an auto belay system that makes sure you make it to the ground safely.
  • Bouldering: requires no rope and lower climbing heights. When you fall, you land on 14 inches of climbing mat.

Inner Peaks broke the mold with their climbing walls. There are actually two tiers of walls that combine both bouldering and top roping. They also have have an area for speed climbing.

Doug was adamant about never being complacent with his walls. Inner Peaks will be changing a section of their walls every week. This ensures that every time you come, there is something new.

If you have hesitations about climbing, know this - everything at Inner Peaks is built out of quality for absolute safety. This includes, the equipment, the auto belays, the 14” mats, and the quick training you’ll get as a new climber.

Climbing is Just the Start

To simply sum up Inner Peaks with the word “climbing” would be an injustice. Climbing is just one piece of their puzzle. In addition to climbing, Inner Peaks will feature a gym, concessions, and multiple lounge areas. Inner Peaks prides themselves on this. Especially the lounge areas.

When you go to a climbing gym you spend 10% of your time climbing. The other 90% of that time is spent socializing with you friends. Knowing this, Inner Peaks has made a concerted effort to create a ton of space for socializing. With lounge areas and concessions, they are accommodating the culture we love in South End.

Changing the Landscape of South End

Inner Peaks is going to be an amazing place for people of all skill levels to exercise, climb, and socialize. They bring something different to the landscape of South End. Something that will undoubtedly mix up your week to week! There is no official open date yet, but look for a grand opening announcement in the next month! See you there!