EWP Music Spotlight: Of Good Nature

By: Jacob Robinson
Photography: Nick Bossi

Charlotte is full of local bands. Different sounds, styles, and looks. One of the most well-known bands in Charlotte and for that matter, the South East, is Of Good Nature. You may have heard them at Sycamore Brewing’s 1 Year Anniversary! Pictures above.

Of Good Nature got their humble start playing small gigs in Charlotte and Charleston, but now they’re playing shows from Washington D.C. down to Key West, FL. If you’ve ever heard OGN in person then you know, Cameron Brown (lead vocals, guitar), Joey Vachon (backup vocals, drums), Brandon Hucks (trombone), and Jon Reed (bass), have a very unique and special sound. OGN’s website describes their sound as:

Rock/Reggae/Funk, with bursts of instrumental jam sessions that constantly demand their audiences attention. The group’s unique, tight, yet full sound derives from its creatively driven members.

Of Good Nature recently partnered with Sycamore Brewing’s 1 Year Anniversary to debut their Sophomore album “Life Worth Livin”. And it was an absolute hit!

Upon the release, their album was top 10 within iTunes for Reggae! Here’s a sample:

Of course, if you’d like to support OGN you can purchase their latest album on iTunes.

They have a ton of upcoming shows including:

Make sure you set your calendar for a guaranteed good time with Of Good Nature!