In Focus: Cafe Ganache - SouthPark Mall, Charlotte NC

By: Jacob Robinson
Cafe Ganache: @sugarrmann #KronutintheQC

Do you remember the Kronut craze of 2013? How could you not?? Word of a delicious new pastry in NYC hit the streets and the world was enamored by this interesting combination of croissant and donut.

What I'm about to tell you is not only a story about this delectable treat. This is the story about passion for an art form molded through years of dedication.

Many of you may have had the pleasure to visit Cafe Ganache in SouthPark Mall and that’s great! Let’s take a deeper look and explore the past, present, and future of a family making their mark on the Queen City.

Chef Abdullah - Owner of Cafe Ganache & Dessert Specialties

When I first met Chef Sadruddin Abdullah, in every word he spoke, I could hear the passion he had for his work. We talked about his life story, from entering culinary school at age 43, and becoming a professor, to winning the National Bread and Pastry Championships in 2004 and 2008.

Did you catch that? Charlotte is home to one of the best pastry chefs in the nation. The only pastry chef to win the National Bread and Pastry Championship twice!

7 years ago, after working locally as a corporate pastry chef, Sadruddin started Desert Specialists with the mission to create unique and innovative dessert concepts.

Recently Chef Abdullah had the opportunity to move production into The City Kitch and soon after, he opened his first physical location in SouthPark Mall. Their kiosk in SouthPark, named Cafe Ganache, is full of goodies including macarons, croissants, cakes, and of course their infamous Kronut.

“Respect the Process” - Chef Abdullah

Making a Kronut is no easy task. The process takes 3 days of patience, skill, and love. According to Chef Abdullah, “you must respect the process”. This is how great pastries are made!

Day 1: Mixing of the dough.

Day 2: Laminating of the dough (creating layers of dough with butter).

Day 3: Creating the pastries

Between each day the dough is given time to rest. The pastry you are eating today, was labored over for the past 72 hours. .

Cafe Ganache’s Secret Sauce

Every ingredient that Cafe Ganache uses in their pastries and desserts is high quality. This is their secret sauce. Everything they use is clean, fresh, and quality. If a sauce or topping is required for a dessert, they make it themselves. They never buy it.

On top of this, most of the pastry making process is done while you are sleeping. This ensures that when you walk into SouthPark Mall tomorrow morning, you are eating the freshest pastry or dessert possible.

The Cafe Ganache Dream

I asked Chef Abdullah what the future holds for Cafe Ganache & Dessert Specialists. He responded that his dream it to make high quality, artisan pastries available in your home. Take them out of your freezer, and bake them yourselves. Of course, he wants to do this without sacrificing any quality.

If you haven’t already, stop by and Cafe Ganache in SouthPark Mall and give some of their pastries a try. You’ll meet one or both of Chef Abudullah’s daughters who run the kiosk, inspired by French pastry shops. I promise you this. You won’t regret and your taste buds will love their flakey pastry goodness!

-Jacob Robinson


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