Dulce Affairs - Charlotte's Glamorous Chocolate Covered Goodies Company

By: Jacob Robinson

Ducle Affairs - Best Chocolate Covered Strawberry in Charlotte

In life, there are things I treat myself to on the occasion. Things I splurge on, not worrying about price, only caring about the joy I know it’s going to bring me. Some of these include medium rare steak from my favorite Charlotte steak house, cold pressed juice, and delicious desserts!

You may not agree on steak and cold pressed juice, but I know 99.9% of you are just like me, and love amazing desserts. One of my favorites is chocolate covered strawberries! With the first bite, the cracking noise and dark tones of chocolate are instantly met by the fresh, juicy, sweetness of a perfectly ripe strawberry! It doesn’t get any better!

Do you know where to get the best chocolate covered strawberry in Charlotte? Let me point you in the direction of Denisse Elsevyf, owner of Dulce Affairs, a young entrepreneur who is building her business on the cornerstone of a not so normal chocolate covered strawberry.

Recently I met Denisse who is about to make waves in Charlotte’s gourmet dessert scene. Denisse, was born in the Dominican Republic, raised in Miami, and attended Johnson & Whales from 1997-2001. After moving to Charlotte she started Dulce Affairs because she has a passion for strawberries and chocolate. According to Denisse she loves “pairing different fruits with chocolate and bringing out different flavors to life”.

Denisse describes her company as “Charlotte’s prettiest and sweetest take out! Dulce Affairs provides the finest quality chocolate covered goodies and offers personalized service to fulfill all customer’s needs.”

When Denisse says “prettiest” she means it. Her products have “glitz” and “glam” written all over them. Oh, and did I forget to mention, all of Dulce Affairs products are made to order no more than 24 hours before??? Moral of that story is that everything is super fresh!

Denise gifted me a box of her favorite treats and I’m excited to share them with you!

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Like I previously mentioned, Dulce Affairs is known for their chocolate covered strawberries. These are not your average chocolate covered strawberries. They’re glammed up!

Milk Chocolate Strawberry with Grand Marnier

These are chocolate covered strawberries but with an extra kick! Dulce affairs features a line of strawberries that are infused with different types of alcohol Gran Marnier & Ciroc. These will easily make you the star of any party!

Berry Ciroc White Chocolate Strawberry

Georgia Pecan White Chocolate Strawberry

White Chocolate Rice Krispy

White Chocolate Oreo Pretzels

If you're looking for some delicious treats in the QC give Denisse a call she and her treats will light up your day! 

- Jacob Robinson

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