Charlotte Roller Girls - Fun For Everyone!

Meet the Charlotte Roller Girls

By: Jacob Robinson & Nick Bossi

Did you know Charlotte has a roller derby team? If you didn't, you do now! And this sport isn't for the faint of heart. As they put it on their website, "flat track roller derby is a fast paced, high-contact team sport that requires strategy and athleticism. These girls are a must see of the Charlotte sports scene. I highly encourage you to head out and support them! 

Not convinced? How about the fact that they are always giving back to our Charlotte community. In 2015 they are working with many charities including Time Out Youth, The Second Harvest Food Bank, and the Special Olympics of N.C. 

Their last match of the season is happening on Oct 10th and if you haven't seen them in action, this is your last chance in 2015. It's a guaranteed adrenaline pumping good time for you and your friends!

Tickets range from $7-$12

5 Facts About Roller Derby You Didn't Know

  1. There are three positions in roller derby including; Jammer, Blocker, & Pivot.
  2. Rink Rash is when a skater falls and "skins" their leg. Ouch! 
  3. There are more than 1,200 amateur leagues worldwide.
  4. The sport is under consideration for the 2020 Olympics. 
  5. No matter how you slice it, roller derby girls have guts! Roller Derby is very physical and the only off limit areas of the body are your back, neck and leg below the thigh. Everything else = fair game...

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