5 Reasons You Can't Miss the Panthers' Pep Rally

By: Davon Bailey

Photo Credit: Patrick Schneider

Photo Credit: Patrick Schneider

1. Panthers' PurrCussion

With every beat of the drum, I know we're that much closer to the Panthers being in the play-offs. The Panthers' drumline, PurrCussion, varies from grooves, chops and choreography beating as the pulse of the city. Anyone who has been to a Panther's game hopefully has pounded the drum before entering the stadium. I personally love live music, but I really love the beat of the drum before going to 'war'.

2. TopCats

Trust me, there's more dancing involved with being on the Panthers' team than Cam Newton's dab.  The TopCats are the Panther's official cheerleading team and this time, we might get to take pictures with them!

3. Panther 2015 Division T-shirt

2015 is the year that the Carolina Panthers had a leading record in the NFL and were an inch away from an undefeated season. So many memories filled this season from SuperCam's dive into the end zone vs. the Texans to our team's ability to put other's first as the Panthers did the 'whip' with 6-year old cancer patient, Braylon Beam. See below:


4. No line/No Cover at participating bars

No line, no cover, no problem. (Whisky River, Blackfinn, Strike City, Vida, Vida Vida, Bubble, Suite and Rooftop 210)

5. Chance for Playoff tickets

From here on out, we don't see panthers tickets getting any cheaper.  If you don't already have them, why not score a pair to catch the game this Sunday?

Tickets still available for those that plan to make it.

- Davon Bailey