Interviewing while employed - what to tell your future employers

Be Prepared for These Tricky Interview Questions

It’s no secret that us millennials typically change jobs every two or three years. And we all know the best time to interview is when you already have a job. But, do you know how to respond to this tricky interview questions? 

So what do you tell interviewers when they ask why you want to leave your current job?

The name of the game is Redirect. When asked why you want to leave your current job, redirect the question to your future work responsibilities. Talk about how you’re looking for an opportunity to - “manage business relationships more exclusively” or “ work in an environment that allows more creativity in professional projects”. You will be recognized for knowledge in those areas and you won’t have to badmouth your current employer. Practice the answer to this question right now!

What is the one thing you want to do in your career that you’re not getting at your current job?

But what if I really hate my current job? You don’t want to make it seem like you’re running FROM a horrible situation. You want your interviewers to know you’re running TO a great opportunity which happens to be a better fit than your current position.

When you’re job hunting or even interviewing, this article from Levo’s DailyWorth team explains how to keep it on the hush. It’s actually not that hard to believe people would take an interview on their lunch break, print a resume at work or wear their interview clothes to work. Don’t do these things! And definitely don’t be the guy who takes a phone interview at his desk. Yikes!

What if they ask for my current salary?

As always, try your best not to bad-mouth your current employer. When it comes to to discussing your current salary, mum’s the word. Never reveal all of your cards to a potential employer. Instead use market research sites like Glassdoor or  to find salary expectations based on your industry experience in your region. The last thing you want to do is reveal your current dope ass salary and get a low ball offer from employers trying to get a deal.

In short, know your interests, know your worth, and practice!

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by Christine Edwards