Local Panther Swag for Superbowl 50

The Panthers are SUPER BOWL bound!

Grab These  Panthers T-Shirts Before the Big Game!

As we’re grabbing all the black and blue gear we can get our hands on, and preparing to celebrate the “big game,” there are a few local must-haves you should definitely put on your list:

704 Shop - Limited Edition 50 Tee

704 Shop released this exclusive design to celebrate the Panthers being in Super Bowl 50. This style is currently only available for pre-order, with shirts beginning to ship Tuesday, February 2. Their own pro-tip - do the pre-order!

Want to check out 704 Shop around town? Catch them at one of their pop up shops:

  • Friday, February 5 // 10am - 2pm at Blis Uptown
  • Saturday, February 6 // 10am - 4pm at 7th Street Market

Also, take a look around their website. They offer several different QC-themed designs, and even have some other Panthers (and Hornets) styles available.

ENDZONEfans - DABonEM Shirt

 This could be referred to as the “shirt heard ‘round the world.” Really though, this design rose to fame when Mary Ward, the “dabbin’ Grandma” was seen sporting one from the Panthers sidelines. Just last week, Super Cam himself chose to wear one during practice.

As a proud owner of my blue “dab on em” long sleeved tee, I enjoy wearing it under my Greg Olsen jersey. A great base layer for your favorite jersey, or just as awesome on its own, you’ll definitely want to get your hands on this shirt!

Also, since we’ve recently seen some winter weather in the Carolinas, ENDZONEfans is already prepped by releasing hoodies in addition to their traditional long-sleeved tees.

ENDZONEfans has also be out and about with pop up shops around the QC. Stay tuned to their Facebook or Instagram to see where they’ll be next!

Once you snag your shirt, make sure to tag @ENDZONEfans and use the hashtag #ENDZONEfans for a chance to be shared on their social media accounts.

Dapper Ink Store

Dapper Ink is a custom printer based out of Greenville, SC. They have been in the spotlight for their collaborations with the HEARTest Yard, designing and selling shirts that benefit the charity established by Greg Olsen. You may remember their “Purrbacca” shirt that was released earlier this season featuring the Panthers logo as Star Wars favorite, Chewbacca.

For the Super Bowl , Dapper Ink created CAROvan50, with proceeds going towards the HEARTest yard. Timing may be off to grab this thread in time for the Super Bowl, but they have an awesome alternative in their online store: “Bad Cats”

As we cheer on our home team, let’s make sure to get out there and support our local businesses as well. After all, we all hope that the outcome of next Sunday’s game will bring a Super Bowl win to the Carolinas!

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