5 Yoga Poses to Get You Active this New Year

Pictured: OMB Yoga on Tap

By: Briana Bailey

Fuel Your Mind, Body & Soul! 

It’s the season of New Year’s Resolutions! Gyms across the country will instantly pack to maximum capacity, but it’s no secret that not many new members will stick around. Yoga could perhaps be the ideal option to boost your physical activity, all while fueling your mind, body, and soul. Here are some beginner-friendly yoga positions to help you ease into this beautiful art of expression.

1. Adho Mukha Svanasana or the Downward Facing Dog

How To: Begin on your hands and knees (with hands and knees shoulder-and-hip-width apart). From all fours, walk hands forward and spread your fingers for better stability. Carefully press your hips upward to form your body into an inverted V. Obtain a stronger stretch by keeping your heels pressed to the floor.

Benefits: This pose opens your shoulders, stretches your calves and heels, and encourages full-body circulation.

2. Balasana or Child’s Pose

How To: This common beginner’s position requires you to also begin on your hands and knees. Extend your torso forward and rest your forehead on the ground in front of you. Stretch your arms forward, and descend your chest to your knees as close as you can. Remain in the position and exhale.

Benefits: The Child’s Pose stretches your hips, thighs, and ankles, in addition to relieving neck and back pain.

3. Eka Pada Rajakapotasana or Pigeon Pose

How To: Begin in a push-up position, with your palms placed under your shoulders. Put your left knee on the floor beneath your shoulders and place your left heel by your right hip. Press your hands to the ground, sit back, and lift your chest. Hold the position and repeat with the right side.

Benefits: This pose stretches and opens up your shoulders, as well as stretches your quads.\

4. Tadasana or Mountain Pose

How To: Stand with your feet hip-width apart and your arms at your sides (be sure to distribute your body weight evenly). Inhale and exhale slowly and deeply, at an even pace. Extend your hands and arms to the sky or take a prayer position.

Benefits: This pose improves your posture and provides mental clarity.

5. Vriksasana or Tree Pose

How To: This pose is one of my personal favorites. Begin with the mountain pose and then shift your weight onto your left leg. Place the sole of your right foot inside you inner right thigh and balance. To make this position more advanced, stretch your arms upward as you would in mountain pose. Repeat on the other side.

Benefits: Like the Mountain Pose, the Tree Pose improves your balance and also strengthens your thighs, calves, spine, and ankles.

6. Virabhadrasana or Warrior Pose

How To: Stand with your legs approximately four feet apart. Turn your right foot 90 degrees outward, and your left foot slightly inward. With your shoulders down, stretch you arms to the sides. Face your palms to the floor. Lunge into your left knee, with your knee above your foot. Turn your head to face your left side, focus, and then switch sides.

Benefits: This pose strengthens and stretches your legs and ankles.

OHHHMMMMMM Your Way to a Healthy Lifestyle

Are you ready to devote 10-20 minutes of your day, every day, to a more fit and healthy lifestyle? The best part of it, is that you can do it all within the comfort of your home. Committing to these yoga practices can both ground you and open you up to the new possibilities of the new year in Charlotte. If you are already a pro at yoga or know a little something about the art, share your favorite positions with the rest of Charlotte down in the comment section below!

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-Briana Bailey