In Focus: Suarez Bakery - Peace, Love and Sugar

By: Jessica Moore

Suárez Bakery Baking from Scratch in Charlotte Since 1992

Carlos Suárez Sr. found his love for baking while he worked at the Adams Mark Hotel. He learned the in’s and out’s of baking from a Vietnamese pastry chef, who had been taught by his father. After a few years of continual long, hard hours, Carlos was deemed “ready” and he went searching for a place to call his own. A couple of years later he stumbled upon the Federal Bake Shop at Park Road Shopping Center. He lived just around the corner and it was closing it’s doors. Carlos pounced at the opportunity!

Keeping the originality and love that goes into baking, Suárez Bakery still bakes from scratch. They still use some old school gadgets and techniques. Huge wooden tables for rolling, classic cookie designs, and a weight scale you’ve likely never seen before. They also decided to show appreciation and keep the Federal Bake Shop's signature pastry on the menu, the Cream Horn. Cream Horns are scratch-made pastry cones filled with French pastry cream and dusted with powdered sugar.

What has social media in a frenzy lately are their seasonal, creative, adorable, and hand-painted sugar cookies. Elizabeth Plybon and her team of cookie artists have their hands and minds busy with new ideas and creations from their stock of 400+ cookie cutters. Seasonal editions to get me in the spirit are often what I look forward to most.

Even with over 400 cookie cutters, they get really excited over custom designs and special orders. Their imagination and creative minds make it fun and challenging to come up with a new idea, just for you. The lovebirds are made from a heart, flower pot from a cupcake, owl from a cat, fox from a star, fall pumpkins & New Year’s Eve clocks from a Christmas ornament. Designs can take anywhere from 15 minutes to a few hours to complete.

Everyone needs cake in their life. Birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, job promotions, girl’s night in, guy’s poker night or for really any reason at all. Whatever the occasion, you deserve this level of artistry at your next event. If you want popcorn on your cake, you got it. If you want an ombré to match your niece's pink hair, done. These gorgeously crafted cakes will impress everyone!

Now, on to our other favorite baked good. Cupcakes! With so many specialty cupcake shops around Charlotte, how is it even possible to have a favorite right? Well let me just say, you might have a new one after tasting some of theirs. It wasn’t until after I learned the methods behind their flavor inventions that I was open to something new and different. Their frosting varies between cream cheese, buttercream, and whipped. All dependent on the flavor profile of the cupcake and intention behind the creation.

If you haven’t gained 10 pounds from staring at these delectable pictures yet, I have just a few more for you. Donuts the size of your face, tea cookies, Cuban bread, King Cakes and so much more.

Say No More to Corporate Grocery Stores!

In my mind, there is no reason to buy pastries from a corporate grocery store when I have this gem in my backyard. This old-school style bakery deserves our support and generosity given their dedication and quality of work.

Leaving you with one last piece of eye-candy.

Suarez Bakery has joined the EWP Local Perks card! Be sure to get yours today to earn discounts and freebies!

Article by Jessica Moore
IG @finickylady

Photo Credits on Instagram: Jessica Moore @finickylady Suarez Bakery @SuarezBakery and Elizabeth Plybon @bibethplybo

Suárez Bakery
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