Charlotte Trivia by Day of the Week!

By: Spencer Collins | @spencer_elizabeth

Your Guide to Charlotte Trivia

I Have a Confession:

I love Jeopardy. Not like tune in every night love, but if I’m scrolling through channels and nothing else is on, I’ll watch it.

I was an A student in school (except for Algebra and Chemistry) so I consider myself smart. During Jeopardy though, I just get excited if I can answer 10 of the questions right (but there was that time I answered the final Jeopardy question right when none of the contestants did, because it was about sports.)

Anyways, my point is that even if we feel smart, most of us don’t have all the random knowledge that these Jeopardy contestants have, but still like to have a little fun.

That’s where trivia night comes in. When I moved to Charlotte I realized trivia is kind of a big thing here. So many places have it that you could really go every night of the week if you wanted.

Here’s an easy guide for the next time you’re ready for a game.




If you know of other great trivia spots, let me know. Hope to see you out playing sometime!

By: Spencer Collins | @spencer_elizabeth
News junkie. 4th grade spelling bee winner. Dance floor addict.