The Single’s Guide for Valentine’s Day Weekend in Charlotte

By: Derek Bastien

Single and Ready to Cr…I Mean…Mingle

If you’re like me, you’re single, and you’re probably wondering what to do this weekend while all of your paired off friends are on romantic dates. This is in order to distract yourself from being lonely (hopeless crying emoticon…lol). This is actually my first time being single on Valentine’s Day in Charlotte, so fear not my single brethren, I will be weathering the storm with you! I’ve always heard “interesting” stories of what it’s like to be out and about on Valentine’s Day Weekend, so we’ll discover that together, I guess. Based on my super scientific research, these are the top 8 places/things you’ll want to consider doing as a singleton! For a full list of great things to do this weekend, make sure you check out this week’s EWP Weekend Line-up.

1. Drink to Being Single on Friday

What: Anti-Valentine’s Day Parties
Where: Blackfinn; Howl at the Moon
When: Friday, February 13th,
Why: Drink and Mingle, duh
Cost: Free

If you’re in the “out and about” mood, there’s two publicized Anti-Valentines Parties on Friday! Blackfinn is hosting their annual Love Stinks, Lets Drink Event at 9:00pm; you get free entry when you sign up on their Eventbrite. Howl at the Moon is hosting a Love Sux Party – free entry with a torn up photo of the ex, lol. Suite is also having their Board of Director’s party that night, as well, so those three places will be great venues to drink and mingle on Friday night.

2. Get your Headshot Game on Point

What: EWP Professional Headshot Photoshoot
Where: Vivace’s
When: Saturday, February 13th, 11:00am
Why: Please update that old LinkedIn Photo
Cost: $15

(Yes, this is a shameless plug.) What are you doing Saturday morning? Hopefully, you’ll be making your Stride of Pride home from the previous night. ("Stride of Pride" is an amazing phrase my friend Jaime coined. We don't believe in Walks of Shame...they're Strides of Pride…hahaha!) Either should come out to the EWP Professional Headshot Photoshoot event at 11:00am at Vivace. Nick from Fotobossi Photography will take gorgeous pictures of you with Pearle Street Park and the Charlotte skyline in the background. You can use this bad boy to update your LinkedIn Profile picture, Facebook profile, Instagram, Bumble, Hinge, Tinder, and even send it to your Mom! And best yet, come get your picture taken and then stay for Brunch at Vivace, which is one of our absolute favorite brunch spots!

3. Drink to Being Single…on Saturday

What: Valentine’s Day Bar Crawl
Where: Fitzgerald's, Connolly's, SIP, Prohibition, TILT, Roxbury & more
When: Saturday, February 13th, 7:00pm
Why: To get very intoxicated while hitting on other lonely people
Cost: $15

I have a really hard time imagining this not being a total drunk fest, what with emotions and loneliness running high, and desperation to have fun because, “I don’t need anyone. I’m independent and honestly too busy with my career right now to even date.” I know that one hits home... because I say that one all the time, hahahaha. With some popular places on the agenda, and Carolina Nightlife behind it, this bar crawl is sure to be fun, have plenty of folks, and have plenty of drunkies on Saturday night.

4. Find Someone to “Call Me Maybe”

What: Carly Rae Jepsen Concert
Where: Fillmore Charlotte
When: Saturday, February 13th, 8:00pm
Why: To avoid the Bar Crawl for some Fun!
Cost: $21+

If you’re not into the bar scene, or you wanna go to a poppin’ concert, Carly Rae Jepson’s tickets for her Saturday night concert are still starting at $21 at the time of this writing. Maybe you find someone cute, and you can you use the super old pickup line of “Call Me Maybe?” Cheesy, yes, but chances are if they’re at a Carly Rae Jepsen concert, they just might laugh.

5. Cure that Hangover with Brunch at 7th Street Market

What: 7th Street Market Brunch
Where: 7th St Market Brunch    
When: Saturday and Sunday
Why: You’re hungover and/or want amazing food
Cost: $25-$50 for specialty event; $10-$15 for normal brunch

Join Chef Geoff Bragg for an intimate live cooking demonstration at 7th Street Public Market this weekend. Guests will enjoy chef prepared course meals with wine pairing from Assorted Table Wine Shoppe. Even if you don’t partake in this specialty event, FYI: Not Just Coffee has arguably the best coffee in town and Hazlenuts Creperie’s maple-glazed breakfast crepes are to die for. I honestly think 7th Street Market is an all-around awesome and super under-rated spot.

6. Be a Lonely Loner with Kid Cudi

What: Kid Cudi Concert
Where: Fillmore Charlotte
When: Sunday, February 14, 8:00pm
Why: It’s Kid Cudi, people
Cost: $50+

You know what they say: “The lonely loner seems to free his mind at night (at, at, at night).” Yes, that’s a Kid Cudi Day and Night Reference. That line is also related to Valentine’s Day and being lonely (Self five!). My point being… this is a phenomenal way to spend Singles Awareness Day on Sunday, and a great excuse to drink in a happy way. Also, it’s Kid Cudi. Boom goes the dynamite.

7. Watch a Cool Movie with a Friend

What: Movie Time
Where: A Theatre Near You
When: All Weekend
Why: It’s America’s pastime
Cost: $10-$12

Fortunately for us single folks, there are some pretty highly anticipated films hitting theatres this weekend. And I’m not talking about the 10th remake of a Love Actually type film starring Hugh Grant. We’re talking about some funny, witty stuff!

  • Deadpool: The hunky Ryan Reynolds stars as Wade Wilson in this touching and sentimental rom com. Wade is diagnosed with terminal cancer, but he enrolls in an experimental procedure to stay alive for the love of his live. Wade’s humor carries him through it all, but does the procedure change him for better or for worse??
  • Zoolander 2: Derek Zoolander is back with Blue Steel!! Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson, and Will Ferrell are back with the addition of Penelope Cruz and Kristen Wiig in the reboot of one of the best Frat Pack Films of all time!
  • How to Be Single: Starring Rebel Wilson, Dakota Johnson, and Allison Brie, this film purportedly will teach us all “how to be single.” While there will be a lot of new “rules” the movie will try to introduce to you (and you should definitely ignore), this may very well be a fun and light movie. But seriously, the no emoji rule or 4 hour text rule in the trailor? Ladies… use discretion obviously, but I am a man, and I love emojis. No need to wait 4 hours, and do send me smiley faces! 

8. Netflix and Chill…By Yourself…If You Know What I Mean (wink, wink)

What: Netflix on your Couch
Where: Your Couch
When: Literally whenever
Why: Because
Cost: Completely free if you’re mooching your Netlflix

I think this one is pretty self-explanatory (wink, wink). Sometimes, you just don’t feel like going out and need a night in. Even I, the extreme extrovert, have those nights. So, I will leave you with a few movie recommendations for this particular weekend that may or may not make you feel better.

  • 500 Days of Summer: This is an incredible Indie film with Zoey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon Levitt. It’s a wonderful, and gritty tale about a man’s pursuit of the perfect girl. Highly recommended if you have never seen. This has gotten me through a couple break-ups, lol.
  • Pride and Prejudice: For the ladies…Mr. Darcy is just…so dreamy. I can’t say I personally connect to the movie like others, but a good female friend of mine said watched this on repeat several times the day after one of her break-ups. I’m assuming there’s something here, then. Which brings up the question…Why can’t real men be like Mr. Darcy?!?!
  • Don Jon: For the bros…This film completely blind-sided me and hit home really hard when I was in my early 20s. It’s about a young man’s pursuit of the flesh, and what he learns in the process. Incredible movie with a star performance by Joseph Gordon Levitt.
  • How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days: This is such a classic rom com. I’m a man and I can proudly say I own this movie. Matthew McConaughey and Kate Goodson? Yeah…plenty of eye candy for everyone. ;)


Welp, there are your top 8 recommendations from Mr. Social, himself! Have fun, be safe (in that way, too, lol), and treat yourself during this weekend! Maybe you’ll even see me around! Be well and be swell, my friends!!


-Derek Bastien |

Chief Business Development Officer of EWP, freestyle rapper, expert jokester, and professional partier