Struggling To Find Your Dream Job? Here’s Five Tips on Creating It!

By: Ivory Bethea

Have you ever felt stuck on a job that you have zero interest in? Sat in a cubicle and dreamed of being out in the world enjoying every moment of this thing called life? From first hand experience in transitioning from a tiny office doing something I hated to the comfort of my home, I have listed five tips on creating an opportunity for yourself to soar in your dream job. Whether it’s landing a position or launching a business, you can’t go wrong by using these tips.


Preparation overcomes barriers experience cant

Planning is the most important key to transitioning from one field to the next. Most positions require experience that sometimes we don’t possess. Whether you’re fresh out of college or ten years in a field, there’s still an opportunity to conquer. Preparation gets you around barriers that experience can’t.

Do your homework! When you’re targeting something, you should learn everything you can about your target. Find the facts of company, and what entry level positions are there to simply get your foot in the door. Revisit your skillset and figure out what skills could transfer over to a new field. If you’re launching a business, you must also prepare by researching. Your product, your client, customer, or audience, and your competition should be first hand knowledge. This enables you to become “the expert without experience” and launch through doors without actually knocking.


You are your greatest asset

Investing is another key element to creating your dream job. If a lack of experience is the hindrance, then what can you add to your resume to remove that stumbling block? Should you take an additional course? Finish a degree? Whatever it takes to land in your rightful position, don’t hesitate to do so.

If entrepreneurship is your next step, investing is huge for you. Professionalism should be at the top of the list for investing. Pay to stand out. Don’t throw together a website and expect anyone to take you serious. Put your time, money, and energy into creating a tidy platform for your new brand or service. Attraction starts at first impression.


Become great by studying greatness

Networking is also a major piece to the puzzle. This generates the opportunity to stand face to face with potential employers without a resume on file. It also allows you to find mentors to learn from and/or potential business.

How do you become great? You become great by studying greatness. When you’re out and about, introduce yourself to people. Keep your business cards handy and let others know that you exist. Find out in what ways you can connect with them and help them become better. By helping someone, you are also helping yourself. Within 72 hours of meeting a new resource, contact them and remind them of your interest. Don’t let the flame burn out on opportunity.


Your brand is key to your success

Marketing is vital and social media has made it a piece of cake. LinkedIn gives you the opportunity to go straight to the source. You are allowed to apply for jobs and send a direct message about the opportunity through social sites like LinkedIn. If you’ve planned, then you’ve already done your homework and you should know exactly what to say in your message. If you’ve invested, then you’ve already positioned yourself to be a candidate.

Entrepreneurs are just as fortunate with social sites like facebook, twitter, and instagram. All it takes is a click on facebook and your business is sent out to people all over the world in seconds. Instagram and twitter both have a level of advertising available as well. Google adwords gets you at the top of a page in the search engine. Marketing isn’t the hard part when these platforms were created to work for you.


Spread those wings and soar

This isn’t a Nike advertisement, but I must say: Just Do It! Don’t contemplate on the success or the failure of the chance you’re taking. Believe in your wings and let them soar. You will always miss 100% of the chances that you don’t take in life.

So if you’re struggling to find your dream job, then it’s time to get out here and create it. Be happy.



Ivory Bethea
IG: @godsdesign_ivory