#EatPastaRunFasta: Pasta & Provision's New Location

Past and Provisions: New Charlotte Location 

After 23 years, our local pasta makers open a second location in Charlotte! Pasta & Provisions 2.0 occupies the space of a little yellow building next to Brawley’s Beverage on Park Road. This new spot has plenty of parking spaces. The convenience of a second store will make trips a whole lot easier for those picking up dinner.

From fresh cut pasta and housemade salad dressings, to sweet potato gnocchi and crispy cannoli’s...there is absolutely something for everyone. There’s so much love surrounding them, they even have their own hashtag #eatpastarunfasta!

Pasta & Provisions Daily Specials

Satisfy your craving for Italian any day of the week!

  • Monday ~ $15 ~ 1 bag cheese ravioli with choice of sauce, 1 bag of greens, ½ loaf focaccia
  • Tuesday ~ $16 ~ 1 lasagna entree, 1 bag of greens, ½ loaf focaccia, 2 cannolis
  • Wednesday ~ $12 ~ 1 large pizza of your choice, 1 bag of greens, 2 cannolis
  • Thursday ~ $20 ~ 1 entree of choice, 1 bag of greens, 1 loaf focaccia, 1 lb fresh cut pasta
  • Friday ~ BYOC ~ “Bring Your Own Container” for 20% off sauces, 1 lb fresh cut pasta

Every Day Deal $20 ~ 12 meatballs in your choice of marinara or pomodoro sauce, 1 lb fresh cut pasta, 1 bag of greens and 1 loaf focaccia.

Pasta & Provisions

Article by Jessica Moore

Photo credits Pasta & Provisions, Charlotte NC