5 Must Play Songs for Super Bowl Sunday

By: Davon Bailey

Whether you’re going out or staying in, there's a certain pride that everyone should feel if their team has made it to the Super Bowl. Well, the Carolina Panthers are making their second appearance in the Super Bowl, (First vs. New England Patriots) and we have a list that will ensure that all Carolina residents are on the same page - regardless of whether you watch the game at a bar, a social gathering, or the comforts of your own home.

No matter where you’re from, what language you speak, or type of beer you drink; everyone understands the feeling of music. I've made our best attempt to capture the top 5 songs that must be played on Super Bowl 50 game day, if you’re a fan of the Carolina Panthers (in no particular order). #KeepPounding

Sweet Caroline – Neil Diamond

Originally a song about Diamond’s wife, Sweet Caroline has become a Carolina favorite due to its popular hook and resemblance to the name “Carolina.”

All we do is win – DJ Khaled

Here’s a major key to life… Why this song was chosen is self-explanatory

Raise Up – Petey Pablo

We do not encourage anyone to “take your shirt off and twist it around your head just like a helicopter,” but boy would it feel good to do so.

Look at My Dab – Migos

Where it all started… Yes, the group Migos spawned the notorious dab that we all know and love. Cam Newton has proven to be instrumental in making this a National Phenomenon #Dab

We are the champions/We Will Rock You – Queen (1977)

Classic song - If Cam Newton and team pulls this win off, it’s only right everyone that has on black and blue, to exclaim that.

Think a song or two is missing here?  Tell us what your top five would be.

- Davon @zenprodigy