Open Letter to Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers

Dear Carolina panthers,

This has been a long and cultivating season for us all and so full of beautiful surprises. You guys have made history as a team, brought unity among families, communities, and states, and restored the hope that was once lost in the Carolinas.

While everyone is dwelling on the game itself, I would like to acknowledge your sportsmanship off of the field. What you have done for us deserves more than just a pat on the back. On behalf of the entire Carolina Panthers fan base, I would like to say “THANK YOU” for your sacrifices. Before anyone complains about a fumbled ball or a missed catch, I will gladly remind them of the physical risk you are taking every single day as a football player. You guys put your entire state of health on the line just for us to have something to be proud of. Whether it’s scorching hot outside or freezing cold, every player is present and practicing for the next big game.

Thank you for uprooting your lives at home, spending months away from your families, and practically living out of hotel rooms for the love of the game. When was the last time you sat down and ate a Thanksgiving meal with your family? If I can recall correctly, you guys were down in Texas kicking butt while we all sat around the TV with our families and watched. How many of you have walked around with injuries and prolonging surgery all season long? Waiting for the right moment to take care of your health just so you wouldn’t let us down.

Thank you for visiting our hospitals, schools, gyms, malls, and stores. Thank you for creating foundations, hosting football camps, mentoring, tutoring, and passing the mantle to the next generation of football players. You guys have beat the odds and I hope you spend your entire off season celebrating the hero in you.

I would like to give a special “THANK YOU” to Super Cam.

I never knew I could fly until you showed me that humans have wings too. On New Year's day you said to your friends and family: “It’s too many good people in this world to focus on the bad ones.” I want you to hold tight to your words and know that there’s an army of good people standing behind you. We believe in you and we’re forever grateful to have a quarterback as unique as ours.

Out of 32 NFL teams, you were one of the two quarterbacks to make it to the biggest game of the season. You came and you conquered. We all hate losing… but on behalf of your entire fan base, I would like to say that you are the winner. You or noone on your team grabbed another player and slung them by the facemask on purpose. That’s not how professional athletes conduct themselves. You were brave to face the media and brave to walk away.

It’s not up to the world to decide if you’re right or wrong because no person roaming this earth has to live in your skin but you. Take your truth and hold it tight. It’s your birthright. Thank you for leading the pack all the way and we look forward to standing behind you again next season.

The countdown for next season is on.... so until next time... KEEP



A Panthers Fan