How to Look Amazing for St. Patrick's Day Weekend!

By: Aya Alshafei
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Celebrate St. Patrick's Day in Style

St. Patrick’s Day may have fallen on a Thursday this year, but that does not mean that the festivities are over. What better way to enjoy a holiday than to celebrate it on the weekend? Charlotte has been showing off it’s beauty lately with clear blue skies and warmer temperatures, so you must make sure that your outfit is just as fabulous as the weather.

With that said, you do not want to be the only person not wearing green (hint hint, pinch pinch). So, whether you’re hitting the pubs or just grabbing a few drinks with friends, here are some options on what to wear for the big holiday from some of our favorite local Charlotte boutiques. 

For Those Who Are Partying

Strapless Emerald Maxi Dress - Lotus $98

First of all, can we come? Just joking. You want to make sure that you’re looking trendy, but also balance the fact that you may be outdoors. A maxi dress is bearable for warm weather because it is flowy and airy. Even a pair of shorts with a tank top and jewelry in your favorite shades of green can make your look playful and fun.

For Those Going to the Parade

Green Duster - Copper Penny $46

The forecast is calling for slightly lower temperatures than we have been experiencing the past few weeks. Since it will be a little chillier for the 12th annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade and Charlotte Goes Green Festival, make sure you grab a nice spring jacket as part of your outfit. You’ll likely be standing for a few hours, so pair the look with some comfy shoes that you don’t mind spending the day in.

For Those Who are Just Hanging out with Friends at the Bar

Gypsy Rodeo Tank - KK Bloom $50

This is probably where you can get the most comfortable as far as an outfit goes. I'm sure your buddies will take care of you by buying a round of shots or a couple of beers, so to avoid having to worry about getting drinks “accidentally” poured on you, a green verbiage tee with destructed denim is a sufficient choice. This way, you will not have to worry about ruining your favorite blouse.

- Aya Alshafei
Diary of a Fashionista