A Taste of Bakersfield in the Spring

By: Donna Anderson
IG: @missdonnabella

Photo: @weloveclt

Photo: @weloveclt

Spring Means Margaritas

My favorite time of year. Warm nights that end with cool breezes through my window, roasting marshmallows around a fire pit full of friends and laughter; or an afternoon sitting out on your favorite patio with a pitcher full of margarita mix.

 I am always anxious for spring.

For me spring usually means new beginnings. Similar to how the flowers and trees flourish after a harsh winter. We both know how to get back to our normal selves. A margarita with a sugar rim always seems to do the trick. Add tacos to the mix and we can get a party going!

Bakersfield: Simple and Rustic

Bakersfield wowed me with their simplistic scenery, wooden floors, and rustic picnic tables that made me feel like I was in a modern day western film or sitting outside in front of my favorite food truck. Did I mention the Johnny Cash that played in to the background?

They carried three of my favorite things at any bar; tacos, tequila and whiskey.

I scream at my friend as she knocks over one of my tacos from the tiered plate holder. We all laugh in unison at my horror of seeing a short rib taco hit the table. *orders another pitcher of margaritas* I think we’re each two glasses in, which is fine, keep them coming!

I order two shots of anejo for those of us who aren’t scared to throw a few back. The waitress sets down another skillet of the best queso I’ve ever tasted. Jalapenos on the side please! Though I’d lost one taco I was thoroughly enjoying my Pork Belly Pastor. Yeah, pulled pork marinated in chili, gave it just the right bite while the pineapples added such a savory flavor I couldn’t deny. *Throws back the shot of Don Julio*

Anejo: Smoother and Richer

If I’m going to do tequila, it has to be anejo. What’s anejo you ask? Anejo is an aged tequila that has distilled for at least a year. Such a smoother and richer taste compared to any of the other kinds I’ve tasted before. It more importantly doesn’t leave that feeling of wanting to call “Earl” the next morning or regretting that text you sent last night to your ex. (Reminding myself of a common mistake made after one too many. Learning self-control is necessary.)

The sun is setting and the hostess opens the garage doors to let in the breeze from the day’s end. Now the entire right side of the restaurant is a scenic view of East Blvd. We order another round of tacos and this time they come in family style on a huge platter. The chicken and chorizo tostada was absolutely amazing.

I must admit my night was filled with laughter and light conversations with a couple cute guys by the bar. Bakersfield definitely has left its mark on me. Anytime I can sit around with friends from work and indulge in conversations about fashion, music or giggle at people that walk is a great night over any in my book. 

- Donna Anderson