The First Ever Kronut Food Truck is Coming to Charlotte!

By: Jess Moore
IG: @finickylady


Chef Abdullah is Making History Again! 

We’ve done some some in depth writing on Café Ganache before, but this news is something entirely different and exciting. The first ever Kronut Food Truck is coming to Charlotte soon!

Chef Abdullah, and family, have decided to expand their horizons with a 16 foot food truck. Delivering to some uptown, local breweries and food truck rally’s, they’re committed to bringing you these treats to locations other than their kiosk at SouthPark Mall.

I had the opportunity to sit down with a few other Charlotte food freaks like myself, for an in depth look…and taste… of the pairings they will soon be offering.

Cinnamon Sugar Kronut

First up was their classic cinnamon and sugar kronut, which is always a good start. It was paired with a melted chocolate cup with whipped cream topped with sea salt. I wouldn’t quite call it hot chocolate. It reminds of what I would be drinking if I were at a chocolate bar in Paris, where hot chocolate isn’t a watered down version of what we typically have here in the states. The pinch of sea salt was an interesting layer of flavor and worked perfectly to balance all the sugar I was having.

Apple Stuffed Kronut

Next on the plate was their apple stuffed Kronut. The ganache as well as the apples, were infused with D9 Brewing beer, Oatmeal Cookie Brown Ale. To finish off all the flavors, we got a small tasting of the beer itself.

Baileys Infused Kronut

All 7 of us were definitely on a sugar high at this point, but we’ve got one more to try! Last but not least was the finale of all finales. It was a Baileys infused kronut, served with a shot. Oh my goodness, you don’t even know how amazing this was. Imagine a warm, flaky, buttery deep fried donut/croissant that when you bite into it, gushes ooey-gooey warm caramel crème flavored liquor down your cheeks and fingers. And if that wasn’t enough, the dark chocolate ganache on top was a stellar choice to pair with these flavors. This one was definitely my favorite!

So now that you’ve seen what these wonderful people are all about and you have the opportunity to be a part of their dreams coming true. They are putting 50% down on a food truck and would love for Charlotte to stick true to their claims of “supporting local” and get involved. Not only will you feel good about donating, you’ll receive perks too for being a valued member of their kronut family. They’ll be hosting a benefit party for all members, and definitely some free kronuts in your future for a long time to come! Visit their website for more info: 

- Jess Moore

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