A Sexy Night a Baku

By: Donna Anderson
IG: @missdonnabella


One of the Most Authentic Restaurants in Charlotte

For my first time visiting Charlotte I had the pleasure of a great friend and escort to guide me around the QC. As lovers of food, we both knew that weekend would be a delectable one.

Friday night she took me to one of the most authentic restaurants I have been to in Charlotte. Baku is located in Southpark, with elegantly dimmed lighting, wood floors and walls resembling a tree house that lead upstairs to an intimate bar area. Tucked away downstairs are open kitchen themed areas where food is prepared on Robata and Yakitori grills.

She Oozed Sex Appeal

I arrived at the top of the stairs and I was immediately sucked in by the most beautiful midnight eyes. She graced the back wall of the bar area, surrounded by eccentric table tops and bar stools. I was purely amazed by the artwork. I walked around to a secluded seating area adjacent to the beauty and notice a peculiar bunny rabbit. She oozes sex appeal and an anime profile. Tattoos on her thigh and arm, she’s your regular rocker chick. I fell in love with it.

You don’t often fine a restaurant that has intriguing artwork on their walls.

Hidden Hibiscus

I sipped a sparkling white wine with one of my favorite flowers floating just above the bottom of my glass, candied hibiscus syrup gave it its rose tint.  Now I was feel fancy. We raised a glass to me and a new journey in the city.

Ginger Infused Calamari & Sweet Potatoes

We ordered the ginger infused calamari for an appetizer and giggled about high school memories as we enjoyed our cocktails. Our server suggested we order the sweet potatoes with our entrees to ensure we would enjoy our tapas meal. Drizzled in cinnamon and honey, with sesame seeds cascading across them, the potatoes that at home feeling.

Tea Brined Duck Breast & Salmon

We also ordered the Tea Brined Duck Breast and the Wild King Salmon. The duck was prepared Robata style. Robata is a Japanese “fireside cooking” method where meats are slow cooked over coals on skewers.  This explained the charred yet flavorful taste of the duck. Duck is a tricky meat that not many can cook well. It’s either over-cooked and tough like steak or too rare, I applauded the execution. This duck was tender and moist.  

I ordered steamed rice to accompany the salmon. The teriyaki glaze was sweet and smoky from the coals. I promised myself I would try to imitate the glaze at home.

Gotta Love Tapas

Since our plates were in tapas style, we nibbled off each other’s plates, and were occasionally consumed by silence due to our indulgence.  Every element complimented each other.

A Sexy Night at Baku!

My date knew I was satisfied. We both enjoyed a good meal and atmosphere!

Baku is a place I could definitely visit often. Whether a dinner date with a friend or hot date with your beau, this restaurant can touch your palette and the drinks can warm your spirits.

I not only enjoyed the food but I felt good while I was there. From the décor to the dimmed lighting, you can count on a “sexy” night at Baku!

- Donna