Pour Your Art Out With Studio Cellar

By: Jessica Moore @finickylady


Pour your art out!

With a slogan full of intention like this you can’t help but want to get your creative flow on. Every inch of this space has unique character that's full of artful ideas. You’ve got The Starry Night on one wall, Biggie Smalls on another, mosaic painted columns, a wall sized red-lipped open Queen City smile, black clouds with colorful rain pouring out. There are several small details throughout the space, a few I had missed my first visit. A hand-built bar, colorful hand-built baseboards surrounding the space, high top mosaic tables, cable and pulley system cage-lighting and a deep antique sink locally sourced from a vintage spot in Concord. 

Vision behind Studio Cellar

I had the pleasure of taking up this wonderful lady’s afternoon to talk art, food, and the passion that led to this concept. Charlotte & Randy have traveled all over from NY to LA, to cruise ships and overseas. Gathering ideas every step of the way, trying new art studios and finally opening of their first Studio Cellar in Columbia, SC. It was such a huge success they decided to bring it to the QC! Charlotte has the artistic nature and Randy is the entrepreneur, a perfect pair if you ask me! She dabbles in just about anything that involves creating something from nothing. Whether it’s gardening, or garden art, making mosaics, or oil painting. She immerses herself in whatever she has her hands on. Basically a person anyone would want to know and whom I’m proud to now call a friend!

Community Outreach

I think it’s awesome when businesses want to be involved in their community and neighborhood. Creating that camaraderie of love, kindness, and responsibility that builds relationships that support one another. Studio Cellar set up table outside of Atherton Market this past Saturday. One large blank canvas, paint brushes and bottles of paint with a sign saying “paint a stroke as you walk by”. It’s not just for kids! You can tell the bottom of the canvas gets the most action from the little ones, but it’s for everyone! The finished canvas is then donated to the business to build community. There are more locations in the works, next up…Amelie’s!

The Bar

You might have seen other paint studios around the city requesting you BYOB. The Studio Cellar has it all there for you. Champagne, a sizable wine list and several of Charlotte’s own breweries bottles and cans. Across the street is the new Blaze Pizza, and they will deliver to you as you sip and paint!
Insider Tip:  I asked if I could bring my own champagne prior to our event and you aren’t actually allowed to BYOB to a place with a bar license. They’ve got small and large bottles of champagne so if you need your bubbly like I do, they got you covered.

Wall Calendar of Art

You can view online or on the side wall next to the bar when you first walk into the studio. A calendar of painted canvases to sign up for, individually or a group. If you have suggestions for a certain painting or if you prefer one that’s set for a different day, they are very willing to switch it up to accommodate if the class is low on participants. You can set up events for a girl’s night, couples night, kid’s birthday parties or however you’d like to bring people together. They’re working on the loft upstairs that will soon be a rentable private event room. Our EatWorkPlayCLT Contributors had a meet up last week to paint the Charlotte Skyline, I think we did alright! Our instructor Julie was awesome. A foodie and an artist, who also loves 90's music...did we just become best friends?!

Freestyle or Studio Flat Fee

You’ve got an entire studio full of inspiration if you'd like to freestyle. You can purchase one of four different sized canvases and get to work! Bring in a picture of your pet or a picture of a beautiful sunset you took last summer, or simply just use your imagination. Free your mind and just paint!
I’ve tested my artistic abilities on and off for the past several years. Not having a proper space to practice really hinders your commitment. I get nervous setting up to paint in my apartment. Trying to be neat and not spill paint, shooing off my cats. It's no way to get, and stay, creative. I have a few blank canvases collecting dust and will be coming back to use their space, for a $10 flat fee. All the paint, hours, and drinks I need to be one with my canvas. Ohmm.
A local artist known as @dammit_wesley hosts art classes that are super fun and colorful, and "adult". He has also come up with a similar idea as the Food Network's Chopped, except with painting! Check out his page for the next event and get involved!

Overflow Art

There are at least 2 paintings after each class, sometimes more. One that is completed before you arrive and one that is painted the same time as you. Sort of like a cooking show, you see the final result first and then you’re shown all the steps to get there. They donate to local museums, schools, charities, auctions as well as sell them to the public for $5-10 each. They’re usually sitting right outside along the window frame to draw your attention. I’m going back for the cute little fox tail painting, so don’t buy it OK!

Come On In

Located on the corner of East & Camden in SouthEnd and right to Lynx, they have major of foot traffic and exposure. Stop in for just a drink at the bar on the way to Sycamore or Liberty and check out the awesome space. Or even buy one of the overflow art pieces to take with you!

Studio Cellar 980.207.1671 / 1800 Camden Road / nc@studio-cellar.com Facebook Instagram