My Charlotte Brunch Bucket List

By: Jessica Moore
IG @finickylady


We All Know Charlotte Loves Brunch

Like many other families, to me Sunday means togetherness. It’s a time to catch up from the week’s events, make plans, and enjoy each other’s company. It could be a day spent with friends on a sunny patio with mimosas or it could be a big family dinner at home. For me, Sunday's are when I get to spend time with my dad.

We all know Charlotteans love to brunch on Sunday’s. Well, every day of the week really, but Sunday is a fun day so we all want the biggest & baddest brunch we can sink our teeth into. If you're going to brunch, brunch hard. Go big or go home is the saying right?

I’m a Professional "Bruncher"

I consider myself a professional bruncher. It’s a word, trust me. I've tried so many spots around the Crown Town, and have even become a regular at some. I’ll save my favorites though for another day!

My day job lets me sleep in and I basically have brunch everyday. So, what does brunch mean to me? It means a relaxed breakfast that's savory and sweet, with lots of choices… plus some sort of alcoholic drink. Us professionals know to give the waiter our drink order ASAP so she can put it in the system at exactly 12:01pm.

My Brunch Bucket List

These suggestions are not to be taken lightly. Menu items like these are meant for special occasions, hangover cures, or simply days you want to wear sweatpants. Days when you have a nap in your very near future. I’ve chose to add the following to my Brunch Bucket List. Maybe you’ll add them to yours too.

Captain Crunch Pancakes - Fahrenheit Charlotte

First up are the Captain Crunch Berry Pancakes at Fahrenheit. These make me nostalgic. I travel eating overly sweet cereal for breakfast while watching cartoons. Plus the view of Charlotte’s skyline is unparalleled.

Red Velvet Waffles - Terrace Cafe

I've been tempted for years seeing that icing glaze drizzled over red velvet waffles and I’ve never have built up the nerve to order it. Maybe I’m the last to know about the option for fried chicken, but it’s happening for me, soon.

Breakfast Burger - Local Loaf Charlotte

There are many things to love about @7thpublicmarket. One in particular is @localloafclt. They make fresh breads on the daily. This savory breakfast burger on a made from scratch biscuit has my mouth watering.

French Toast - Village Tavern

French Toast is never a bad idea at Village Tavern. You can dress it up with fruit or nuts, or be completely happy with the most basic of recipes. I make it at home a lot… but with healthier, seedy, grainy, not-so-tasty-bread. French Toast is only second to my favorite breakfast dish, waffles.

Waffles with Ice Cream - 300 East

Speaking of waffles, here's another one. Except with ice cream! AKA perfection @300east. This restaurant can literally do no wrong. Every single dish is amazing, brunch or otherwise.

Chicken & Waffles - Eddies Place

Alright, another waffle, I have an obsession OKAY! I've had the wonderful experience of eating this highly satisfying meal. It's so delicious that I’m keeping it on my bucket list because I need it in my life. @eddiesplaceclt P.S. It’s on the menu all day every day!

Omelettes - Tupelo Honey Cafe

Omelettes are awesome because you can put as much or as little as you want, and with whatever you want. This one from @tupelohoneycafe has a bit of everything… Smoked ham, maple-peppered bacon, fried green tomatoes, pickled jalapeño and pimento cheese. The Shoo Mercy, have mercy!

-Jessica Moore