Dear Coffee Drinkers, Yes, I See Your Teeth Stains…

By: Davon Bailey


Don’t Worry… Here’s 7 ways to keep your teeth white!

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1. Brush, Floss, and Rinse with Antibacterial Mouthwash Twice per Day

I mean, we learned this in elementary, but self discipline goes a LONG way. And yes, this includes brushing, flossing, and rinsing after nights out on the town.  Acidic beverages aren’t so friendly to tooth enamel.

2. Drink with a Straw

Some Dentists say that drinking through a straw will help protect your teeth from stains by minimizing contact with Coffee.  Use a straw with coffee, tea, wine, and berry-based liquids. Sip away!

3. Stop Smoking

Smoking will stain your teeth more than coffee!  Yes, hookah (tobacco based) included. Straight up, tobacco stains your teeth! Oh, and it's generally bad for you. 

4. Chew Sugar Free Gum Containing Xylitol

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There are harmful oral bacteria that feed on sugars you eat, which will in turn, destroy your teeth’s enamel. Sugar free gum can help to replenish the minerals in your mouth such as calcium and phosphates by triggering saliva flow. Stimulated saliva flow allows your teeth to bathe in your mouth’s natural minerals and repair weakened enamel.

5. Keep a Toothbrush at Your Desk

A little mid-day brush after lunch never hurts. You may find it to be quite refreshing…and your coworkers will appreciate it!

6. Drink Water after Coffee

Once you’ve finished your venti-caramel iced coffee with 2 percent milk (or whatever gives you the coffee fix you’re looking for) follow it up with a cup of water.  This will help to rinse away whatever is stuck to your teeth from coffee…thus reducing the risk of staining.

7. Use Your EWP Axcess Card to Get a Free Teeth Whitening

I just received my teeth whitening at the luxurious Skyview Dentistry and I’m a believer. If you go in with your EWP Axcess Card, they will not only give you free whitening (after exam & x-rays) but also 10% off of cosmetic treatment!

If you’re new to the city and haven’t found your primary dentist yet, Dr. Byrd at Skyview Dentistry will give you an unprecedented dental experience. 

Granted, some of these tactics will take discipline, but just like exercising, you’ll see results with diligence.

Keep Calm and Smile On!

- Davon Bailey