Joe's Doughs Welcome to NoDa Mural!

By: Kate Day
IG: @puppiesandbrunch

NoDa's Art Game is Strong! 

If you’re familiar with NoDa at all, you know their art game is strong. The whole foundation of this neighborhood is built on a common love for creativity. As NoDa continues to develop, local artist Matt Hooker and Matt Moore have teamed up with Joe’s Doughs to make sure NoDa doesn’t lose its sense of self.

The Project: 840 Sq Ft. of Creativity

Joe’s Doughs donut shop marks the beginning of the NoDa neighborhood. They have a huge 840 sq. ft. wall that is totally blank- and they want to donate this wall to local artists!

The plan is to divide the wall into 4 sections and let local artists have free reign to express their creativity. The mural will serve as a ‘Welcome to NoDa’ statement piece and showcase everything that NoDa is about.

Meet Matt Hooker and Matt Moore!

Local artists Matt Hooker and Matt Moore will be heading the project and they’ve got some solid street cred. You’ve most likely seen their work around town at places like The Local, NoDa Company Store, and 5 Church.

Some Seriously Sweet Perks

Joe’s Doughs is sponsoring the campaign- and they’re offering some seriously sweet perks in return for your contributions. Things like a custom donut flavor, swag bags, and a year’s worth of donuts!

So if you’re a lover of donuts and/or art- head over to the campaign page- every dollar helps get them closer to their goal!

- Kate Day