Taste the Flavor of Comida - Now Open!

By: Jessica Moore
IG: @finickylady


FOOD! That's what Comida means in Spanish.

I like this word, a lot. I love to eat food, I love to talk about food, take pictures of it, and eventually write about it. This word, and this restaurant, is right up my alley.

A Modern Perspective on an Ancient Cuisine

I have experienced Alesha Sin Vanata's vibe at her first Charlotte location, littleSpoon. A cute corner spot off of Selwyn Avenue across the street from Reid's Fine Foods, Shain Gallery and TCBY. She's always serving up locally sourced meats, vegetables and coffees.

Her taste in 90's hip hop matches perfectly with the rustic and chic atmosphere. She brings to Comida exactly what she brought to littleSpoon - fresh food and fresh vibes that come together in a modern way. Taking over the long loved and bittersweet end to The Penguin in Plaza-Midwood, the bones are the same but the guts are new, beautiful and different than any other place in the Queen City.

They're now offering an enclosed patio area and bar as long as the back wall. Their craft cocktails and made from scratch tortilla chips was enough to get me in the door. The menu is mainly tapas style and a few large entrees. 

Apps and Drinks!

"Chewy" Chips

What else do you need in life? My bestie and I love to eat out. I have no problems getting her to come with me to new restaurants. We started off with their "chewy" chips, hand made tortilla chips and guacamole. I'm very particular with my guacamole...so much so that I claim to not like it at all because I typically don't enjoy what most restaurants put out.

Mango y Chile Margarita

Check out that beautiful margarita! Made with shaved ice! Mine was a little less gorgeous in presentation but tasted much better in my opinion. It's called the Mango y Chile. 

The Gringas

Next up were the Gringas, similar to spanakopita, except with kale. At first this seemed weird, I expected it to be tough and bitter since I don't particularly like kale. Surprisingly it was soft and well balanced with the cheese and avocado salsa. Perfect little bites to dip in their crema de ranchero. Several must haves here!


I'm normally not all that into brisket. It's typically tough and you have to use a knife and fork to eat it. This brisket however, is shredded, juicy and tender. These freshly made, super thick tortillas, called a masa cake, hold up the juicy tomato and shredded meat. These had the most incredible flavors and by far were my favorite thing so far on the menu. 

Cerdo al Pastor

We of course had to try their tacos...well, because tacos. I usually get the Al Pastor whenever I see it on a menu. Comida's creation, Cerdo al Pastor, is right alongside my other favorites offered at Cantina and Sabor.

Have you had octopus before?!

The weirdest thing I've ever eaten, second to bone marrow, is octopus! It wasn't chewy like I was expecting, firm and a bit like the texture of shrimp. It was char grilled and paired with slices of grapefruit, radishes, cucumber and charred avocado. They perfectly cut the deep sea taste of octopus. 

Sweet Tooth's are Welcome

Dessert is everyone's favorite right?! We had to get two! This little dessert trio was so awesome! Coconut macaroons, walnut no-bake cookies and little soft caramel filled cookie sandwiches. I savored every single tiny bite. Then if that wasn't enough, the sweet biscuits with tres leches sauce put us right over the top! So...I recommend just ordering one.

And if you didn't document it...did it even happen? I don't think so...

1205 Thomas Avenue / 980-498-6576
Tue-Fri 3pm-12am / Sat 12pm-12am / Sun 12pm-9pm