Donut worry, eat Happy!

By: Spencer Collins



3 Places in Charlotte to Visit for National Donut Day

Friday is National Donut Day, so I took on the very hard, no, tasty task of picking out some of the best places to get donuts in the Queen City

Duck Donuts

1710 Kenilworth Avenue

This donut chain was founded in the Outer Banks, but now has many locations up the East Coast.

How it works: You start with a plain donut, then choose a coating, topping, and drizzle if you want. They have a handful of each to choose from. The best news, they are giving away a Free Sugar Donut away on Friday. Just head to their Facebook page.

Joe’s Doughs

1721 N Davidson St.

This shop won’t actually be open until late spring, but they do pop up events all across the city.  Their next one is appropriately on Friday at Not Just Coffee at Atherton Mills Farmers Market starting at 8am. You won’t find too many conventional donuts, but if you’re looking for a little donut adventure, these are for you. Can’t make it Friday? Check out their full schedule of pop-up events.

Suarez Bakery

4245 Park Road

This shop doesn’t specialize in donuts, but they do make new ones every morning. There isn’t a huge selection, but they have some of your classics. They also have a donut called the Texas donut (seen below.) The reason for the name, it’s so big. It’s actually three regular donuts made into one. A little too much for me, but I really hope you go for it! EWP Axcess members get discounts! 

Not in the area of any of these places?

There’s always Krispy Kreme or Dunkin Donuts. They are both offering free donuts on Friday. Get your Krispy Kreme offer here and your Dunkin Donuts offer here.

Because Krispy Kreme is based in North Carolina, I know more people prefer their donuts. I’m more of a Dunkin fan myself. However, I would still choose any of the other places before heading to a chain.

Happy National Donut Day!