How to Support Local in Charlotte

By: Lindsay Snyder
Twitter: @linstigator

You Have the Opportunity to Support Local in Charlotte

With new technology and the growth of social media, there seems to be growing opportunities to support local business in Charlotte. This is great!

Globalization and the rise of corporations have changed the marketplace, oftentimes flooding it with cheap products and bulk sales. It has been a longstanding struggle for local small businesses to stay afloat, competing with companies like Walmart and the like. 

But, new trends are emerging with social media, technology, and the internet that have provided opportunities for success in local entrepreneurship. I love hearing stories of my fellow Charlotte residents who took a risk and are following their dreams. Each day, I learn of new happenings going on around town. Each one offers me opportunities to choose to keep my cash local!

New Avenues for Local Business

It’s no longer necessary to have a physical location to have a business. Social media is allowing small businesses to be mobile and to share their hourly location with followers. The internet is allowing online sales of goods, and card readers attach to iPhones and iPads enabling mobile credit card transactions.  

With consumers having smartphones at their fingertips - social media and online sales have created new avenues of doing business.

Local Business Partnerships

Small businesses are now collaborating by creating partnerships that are mutually beneficial. To do this they pool their social media resources and consumer bases. 

An example of this collaboration lies with the breweries. Local breweries have claimed real estate around the perimeter of Uptown and are providing opportunities for other local artisans to offer food, music and entertainment to their establishment.

These partnerships have bloomed into monthly food truck schedules and weekly brewery events. I recently grabbed dinner at a local food truck as I attended a craft night with a local artisan at a local brewery. That’s a lot of local!

Charlotte Pop-Up Shops

Companies like King of Pops have made their mark as they partner with events and businesses allowing them to set up their umbrellas around town. They Tweet and Instagram their locations and display striped umbrellas to mark their hotspot. In-fact, they’ve been so successful at pop-up shops that they’ve just opened their first physical location in South End.

Similarly, pop-up markets are providing venues for local artisans to display their creations in one location. There is an emergence of sip and shop events and street festivals providing you opportunities to buy local goods. 

Local Charlotte Markets

Charlotte has long been a home to the Charlotte Regional Farmers Market. And, we now have smaller neighborhood farmers markets surfacing around town. These markets open on Saturday mornings providing local flowers, produce and bread within individual neighborhoods.  

Located along the light rail, the 7th Street Public Market has made its mark as the Uptown farmers market. They’re open daily with 15 different local shops selling local goods.  

Food Truck Friday!

Food Truck Friday has been a huge success as food trucks have banded together to create weekly food truck events. You can now find a ‘Food Truck Friday’ in just about any neighborhood in Charlotte!

Hundreds of patrons have their choice of which truck to eat at as they hang out together on their Friday night. Local bands are showcased at many of these events as these events are hosted by breweries and other small bars and markets around town. Learn more about local food trucks at the Charlotte Food Truck Association!

Try to Support Local!

As a Charlotte resident, I love having the opportunities to enjoy local flavor and support the businesses of my neighbors. These new trends are creating energy in our city and new events are popping up daily.

This summer will bring about beautiful weather and vacation time. As you enjoy some time off, make sure to include local in your summer travel. There are many upcoming festivals around town. We have events at local breweries, live music, and pop-up markets for summer shopping. 

So, when you’re out and about, keep your money in Charlotte and don’t forget to support your local business owner!