3 Perfect Experiences 'Adventure Dining' at the USNWC

By: Becca Damron
IG: @feedmecharlotte

Adventure Dining - USNWC

One Place - Three Amazing Experiences

I recently had the opportunity to participate in Adventure Dining at the U.S. White Water Center. If you live in Charlotte and are one of the few people who don’t know what the White Water Center is, then I’m very sorry as it’s one of the coolest places that Charlotte has to offer.

Adventure Dining is exactly as it sounds. They aren’t trying to fool you with the name. It’s not cryptic. You go on an adventure whether that adventure is Zip-Lining, Kayaking, or Stand-Up Paddle Boarding and then afterwards you enjoy a nice, leisure walk back to the center and enjoy the rest of your evening fireside with dinner and drinks.

This is the perfect activity for family, a date, or just something to get all your friends together.

Adventure Dining Option 1 - Micro Brews Cruise

In this dining, flat water paddle adventure you will find yourself with a guided group on the Catawba River.

What an incredible experience for the expert and novice alike to be on the river at dusk, getting a killer core and arm workout, while taking in all the natural beauty that North Carolina has to offer.

After getting off the river you will indulge in a chef-prepared fireside dinner and craft beer tasting. Each cruise highlights and offers a different brewery to do the tastings. I found this to not only be awesome but also helpful, because a representative is present to help you select a beer based on your palate. They make the selection process very seamless and enjoyable…Especially for someone like myself who is often intimidated by the craft beer scene.

Microbrews cruise.tif.png

Photo credit: U.S. White Water Center

Adventure Dining Option 2 - Zip-Line and Dine

This adventure is a roughly 2-hour course of five different zip-lines and two roped bridges, including rappelling through the trees with the Catawba River at your side. When you finish, you will be greeted by craft beer, wine, and food.  All of which I can get into!

Zip Line and Dine.jpg.png

Photo credit: U.S. White Water Center

Adventure Dining Option 3 - Unwined

Get your girlfriends together because we’re going to get our stand-up paddle boarding and wine tasting on!

No, seriously! This is an incredibly cool thing to do with your girlfriends. Though, it’s not limited to just girls, guys can do it too.

Start off with a relaxing evening of stand-up paddle boarding on the Catawba River and finish by catching up over dinner and a wine tasting. Each Unwined will feature either a local, regional, or national winery that will have tastings of their signature wines.

Unwined USNWC.tif.png

Photo Credit: USNWCTuckFest

Until the next bite.