Hopspot, 7 things you need to know about the Charlotte-born social app.

Most of us have an entire page on our smartphones dedicated to social media apps. We all consider deleting one or more of them because we realize they can consume all of our free time. We want to be connected and be more involved in our friends lives without the FOMO. Are we actually doing that though? Instead of wasting hours of our lives with feeds about things we aren't even interested in, we should be getting together IRL, exploring new hobbies or working on our own happiness. Let's focus on getting together IRL for a minute... 

I realize this might sound a bit contradictory that I'm saying we all need less social media apps by suggesting you add a new one but here me out! This is about social planning not reading social media, there's a difference.

The goal is to spend less time looking at your screen and more time being socially active to network and create meaningful relationships.

7 things you need to know about Hopspot

1 | Social Planning

Hopspot reduces the amount of time you're looking on screen by having a quick view of what you're family and closest friends are up to THAT DAY. Each day at 6am the feed is cleared so you are as up to date as your friends are. Of course it means they have to actually have a plan for you to see, but you get the idea. I know I need to work on my planning, do you?! I'm here, On my Way, Going, Looking to, Up for Anything, Hosting, Staying In. These are the options for your post. Friends can "join" in on your social state, chat about a meetup or bring you pizza and icecream if you're "staying in". I'd be cool with that!

2 | Bridge to Entertainment

The goal of Hopspot is to be the bridge to entertainment rather than being your entertainment. The "Scene" tab allows you to see what's happening in real time. Other social media apps can be misleading. For example, Facebook news feeds aren't always chronological so you could miss something that happened last night at 8pm when you were totally bored with nothing to do. Instagram doesn't have an "events" news feed so all you see is the aftermath of the fun you missed. Hopspot gives you the real time option to join in on the activity without the drama of negative comments or other distractions as seen in other social networks.

3 | Group Messaging

Coordinate a plan with a group of friends. It's extremely fast delivery time and doesn't cloud up your normal messenger inbox with annoying alerts, vibrates or general nonsense that typically happens in group texts. You can control the notifications just like any other app. It's a more focused conversation in Hopspot since you're in a place specifically designed to help you plan something social. 

4 | Recommendation Engine & Third Party Integration

Charlotte is the test market for the integration of bars, restaurants, other businesses and venues. I think it's pretty cool when apps talk to other apps to make my life easier. Perhaps that's lazy, but let's be honest...we like it. Hopspot will work with Uber to make sure you're there on time. You can even send money to friends to split the cost of an event or pay someone back for a show ticket, booth rental, etc. You'll be able to see what's going on with your friends AND their favorite spots at the same time, cool right?

5 | The Social Buddy Alert 

Hopspot will always make sure you're on top of your social game. It'll providing encouragement and reminders for your plans. We all know how often we cancel plans last minute, over-commit ourselves or simply just forget. We know we need help with making and keeping plans. Let's commit and follow through, mmh kayyy?

6 | User Friendly

Hopspot's colorway matches that of our very own Charlotte Hornets. It's nice to look at and easily reminds you that you live in an amazing city with continual growth to be bigger and better than ever. It's really simple to navigate within the app to add friends, chat, create social states and plan your day. I don't like apps that are difficult to understand, I end up deleting them after 15 minutes if it doesn't function well. I've had it two weeks and not a single problem yet! I simply need more of you to join up so we can be better social planners :-)

7 | Support Local

We all love to support local produce markets, restaurants, artist, coffee shops, bakers and anyone new that comes to the Queen City. Hopspot is no different. Created by graduates of UNCC, these guys are passionate and willing to go the distance. Let's give them a hand and test it out, you've got nothing to lose! Change comes with growth and it's amazing to be a part of what is happening in our city, SUPPORT LOCAL Y'ALL!

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Headquartered in Charlotte, NC. Product of Socialtopias. Primarily Funded by SkyPoint Ventures. 

by Jessica Moore @finickylady

by Jessica Moore @finickylady