The Bachelorette Recap: Week 8 - "Fantasy Suites"

By: Spencer Collins
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The Bachelorette Recap: Week 8
“Fantasy Suites”

all the things you’re thinking while watching The Bachelorette, but don’t want to say

This week’s episode picks up right where last week’s left off--- with JoJo crying on the ground right after Luke tells her he loves her.

However, just like JoJo the singer says, it is too little too late. Luke is sent home. He, along with the rest of America is STUNNED.

JoJo says it’s because she didn’t know where Luke stood. Luke says he thought they were on the same page the whole time and that he had no clue he wasn’t saying enough. The whole goodbye really just breaks my heart. Realistically, I think had Luke said I love you on his hometown date, JoJo would have kept him.

But lucky for us ladies, Luke is still single (and hopefully the next Bachelor so we can stare at him some more.)

After this shocking goodbye, we move onto fantasy suite dates.

I wonder how they choose who goes first, second, and last and if the guys know the order. Because it is assumed the bachelorette is sleeping with all three of them in the fantasy suite, I would definitely want to be first if I were a guy.

Anyways, Robby’s date is first.

The two walk around a market in Thailand for the first half of my date. I love dates that are like this, because it’s actually something you would do on a real date. No helicopters or random hot tubs included.

At dinner, JoJo once again brings up Ben and her experience last season. She is so concerned about Robby not being over his ex, but realistically I don’t know if she’s 100% over Ben.

Robby then pulls out some random letter from his dad that was “surprisingly left in his jeans after hometowns” about how his dad can tell he loves JoJo. It’s kind of an odd moment, but of course JoJo loves it.

The two spend the night in the fantasy suite and JoJo tells the cameras that she is in love with Robby and goes on and on about how great of a man she is and how loved she feels.

I’m a little shocked. I like Robby, but I still don’t totally trust him. Honestly, his lines just seem a little too calculated.

Jordan’s date is next.

The two go for a pretty long hike. I expect JoJo to be tired, but Jordan?!?! No wonder he no longer has a career in the NFL. They then end up at a temple where JoJo has to cover up her shoulders. WHAT ABOUT THOSE SHORT, SHORTS JOJO?!?! The two are not allowed to kiss at all while in the temple. Realistically, they should be able to sit there and just have a conversation (especially if you plan on marrying this person) buuuuut of course when you are told NOT to do something, that’s when you want to do it the most.

The conversation at dinner gets reeeeal awkward. Jordan can’t tell JoJo where he pictures his life being in just one year.

This is kind of concerning to me that a 27-year-old man is saying this. Yes, he doesn’t have a “home base” but when you are telling a girl who you may propose to in a week that you don’t know where you will be in a year, that is not a good sign.

Jordan eventually tells JoJo he wants to spend his life with her, but once again JoJo brings up Ben and tells Jordan that Ben said he wanted to spend his life with her too, so she can’t trust Jordan 100%. Jordan redeems himself by saying for the first time in his life he pictures his wedding and it is JoJo walking down the aisle. The two spend the night together in the fantasy suite.

I don’t trust the guy, but in the end, I would really like him to be sincere and end up with JoJo.

Chase gets the final fantasy suite date, but as we all know by this point, it is anything but a fantasy for him.

At the beginning of the date, Chase is actually really playful and giddy. It reminds me of how Chase acted the first couple weeks and I really liked him on this date.

I mean, how could you not, as Chase puts it “with monkeys, fisherman, saltwater, and fish.”

Side note--- Robby comes to visit JoJo while she is getting ready for the dinner portion of her date with Chase. This irks me a lot. I’m also kind of annoyed that JoJo kissed Robby so much.

No matter how fun the beginning of JoJo and Chase’s date was, it turned sour pretty quickly. JoJo offered Chase the fantasy suite and he gladly accepted. He then told JoJo he loved her for the first time and she was NOT feeling it. After a quick break down outside, JoJo told Chase she didn’t feel the same way back and she needed to let him go.

I get both sides of this.

I get why Chase is mad for even inviting him to the fantasy suite, because I don’t think JoJo felt as strongly for Chase as she does for Jordan and Robby. However, I also get where JoJo is coming from. You can have so much fun with someone, but when love is thrown into the equation, you either feel it or you don’t. I think JoJo wanted to love Chase, but as soon as she heard him say it, she finally realized at that point that she didn’t feel the same way.

Of course Robby and Jordan are getting the final two roses, but not before Chase interrupts the rose ceremony. He shows up not to ask for a second chance, but just to apologize to JoJo for acting out of anger the night she sent him home. I have so much respect for Chase for doing this.

Well folks, we’re down to the final two. Who do you want to win? Team Robby or Team Jordan? Tweet me: @spencercollins_

Let me know what you thought about the episode and who your favorites are!