Ice Cream Overload...30 Days of Ice Cream

By: Stacey Ann Dowd
Owner - Gypsy Soup


This is no ordinary food adventure. - 30 Days of Ice Cream

This has become an annual event in my life, and this year I'm asking you to come along for the ride. Each day in August (my birthday month) I’ll be investigating every homemade ice cream parlor I can find. ...well, let's keep it within driving range of Charlotte.

Ice cream for all occasions

As a child, ice cream was used to cover a multitude of affairs. From celebrating a milestone to having a bad day, the following phrase was always welcome…”Come on, we're going for an ice cream!”

The term ice cream is my family's ‘code word’. We apply it to a wide variety of frozen treats! Kinda like soda, coke, and pop are interchangeable.

All Kinds of ice cream

Be on the lookout, my Charlotte friends! Ice cream is coming your way in the form of Milkshakes, and Gelato, and Frozen Drinks - oh my!

Water Ice and Sundaes galore!

I'm not about to let you get bored! So, let's do something out of the ordinary -  post, share, tag and tell me where I can find you. Inspire me to reply ‘Come on let's go for an ice cream ‘

... Frozen Mudslide, anyone??

Day 1 – Tony’s Ice Cream

Location: E Franklin Blvd Gastonia

I always start with what I like best! Tony’s Ice Cream has been making their own since 1915 – they’ve got it down right delightful.

Good Old Fashion flavors like Rocky Road, Butter Pecan, and Black Cherry are complimented by the red vinyl booths. It’s very reminiscent of those childhood days, when it seemed like life was simpler. I imagine this was the local hang out for our grandparent’s date night, as I look around and see they still come here for grilled hot dogs and milkshakes.

Tony’s Ice Cream is a family owned operation with a plant right next door that distributes their fresh ice cream to stores and restaurants around the state of North Carolina.

You’re in for a real treat when you drop in to the store. The oversized scoops are surprisingly underpriced.

My favorite –  A Banana Split of course! Tony’s is soooo worth the drive from Lake Norman to Gastonia.

Stay tuned throughout August for the remaining 29!