(Recipe) The Comeback of Chia Seeds: the long journey from Chia Pet to Chia Pudding.

By: Jessica Bentley


A scenario that we are all too familiar with.

It’s Monday morning, 7:38am, and you’re scrambling to get out the door and to the office by 8:00am.

You throw some lettuce in a Tupperware bowl and run to your car. As you drive to the office, you remorsefully chow down on this morning’s impulse purchase…a chocolate glazed piece of heaven.

It’s now 9am, and your stomach is growling.

Go explore the wonderful world of Chia Pudding!

This Chia Pudding recipe can be made the night beforehand and is perfect for individuals who need a filling, nutritious, breakfast on-the-go!

It has a similar texture to tapioca pudding and can be flavored in countless ways. Explore adding in different spices like Cinnamon and Cocoa Powder or Coconut Flakes! Stir in a bit of Peanut Butter… or SunButter!

Have you tried SunButter yet?

Layer it with some Fruit, or better yet, a Smoothie! The possibilities are endless!


1/3 cup Chia Seeds

1 1/2 cups Vanilla Almond Milk (or try Cashew Milk!)


  • Place Chia Seeds in a sealable container. I like to reuse pasta & condiment glass jars.
  • Pour your nut milk of choice over the seeds. Cover and shake!  Set the jar in your fridge overnight.
  • In the morning, voila, you have Chia Pudding!

If the Chia Pudding has separated, just shake the jar a little and it will be the texture you dreamt about. If you have time, add some of the mix-in ideas I mentioned above. However, the Chia Pudding is equally as delicious all by itself.

So if you’re in a rush… grab your jar from the fridge (along with a spoon), throw it in your work bag and head straight out the door!

Written by: Jessica Bentley | @sliceofjess

Recipe Inventor, Spiralizer Addict, & Local Produce Lover