Two Scoops Creamery, more reasons why two is better than one.

By: Jessica Moore


When Strangers Become Best Friends

An entrepreneur, an icecream lover and a business man walk into a bar in Myrtle Beach...

No, this is not the start of a dirty joke! This is the story of three strangers who are now best friends and business partners. Partners who are in Charlotte to make our sweetest dreams come true with Plaza Midwood's newest ice cream spot - Two Scoops Creamery! 

Each of these guys has a different and unique background, which allows for creativity and partnership. 

  • Rich Moyer is a pro-golfer and successful entrepeneur. 
  • Marques Johnson is a lactose intolerant icecream lover who learned the art of icecream making in Florida from his family.
  • Blake Hatchett, a super friendly managing partner there to make sure you are fat and happy!

I had the pleasure of spending a couple afternoons with these guys, and they are a joy to be around.

Marques has one of the best smiles I've ever seen. Watching him talk about his favorite flavor "Not Your Mama's Pumpkin Pie" is all you need to see to understand why Two Scoops is going to be a major player in the severely lacking icecream scene in Charlotte.

Rich will ride around the store on his Segaway Hoverboard, making you want one of your own. He might even let you try it! Blake is there for any and all questions you might have. He is as kind as he is tall. Someone was taking their photo last night and both Rich & Marques stood on their toes so they didn't seem so short next to him!

All three of them bring such a positive vibe to the space and it's contagious. They were all there serving up smiles and scoops of icecream last night at the soft opening. 

You can tell when people are passionate about what they do, and it's clear they are about Two Scoops.

Why Charlotte?

Charlotte is widely known as one of the best cities in the country for a start-up business. Whether it's a food delivery service, local social media app, or an icecream shop, Charlotte has an amazing support system. We love to support local businesses and newcomers to want to make Charlotte their home. That was one of the main reasons Two Scoops Creamery chose the Queen City. Get in while the getting's hot!

Not only did Two Scoops pick Charlotte as their home, they picked one of the city's favorite neighborhoods, Plaza Midwood.


Two Scoops are Better Than One

Two Scoops will offer 32 flavors year round, mixing in 4 or so seasonal options. Their flavors are playful, bright in color and each recipe has a generous amount of ingredients. No skimping on cookie crumbs or caramel drizzle! Their recipes are a family secret, so don't even think about asking! Just know that they are made with love and amazing ingredients.

  • Flavors We Loved - Cookie Monster, Pistachio, Not Your Mamma's Pumpkin Pie, Bubble Gum, Superman, Peppermint

Eat In or Take Out!

Vessels of choice include a sugar cone, double scoop cone or 5 different cup sizes. You can add toppings for 50 cents or just have a milkshake if you want.

If you'd rather enjoy some icecream in the privacy of your own home while in pajamas binge watching Netflix shows, take a pint to-go! They'll soon have souvenir cups with their logo so you can come back for a refill at a discounted price!  


Stop by for a sweet treat this weekend and meet the guys behind Two Scoops!

Hours are 1pm - 10pm Sunday through Thursday, 1pm - 11pm Friday and Saturday. 

Connect with Two Scoops Creamery on Instagram Facebook and hashtag them #twoscoopsclt

Article by: Jessica Moore | @finickylady

Native Charlottean and good food guru who loves cupcakes, gin, Seinfeld and Sunday brunch.