12 Ways You Know You Work in Charlotte...

By: Christine Edwards


You know you work in Charlotte when..

#1 When you haven’t seen a raise in a couple of years

People who work in higher education, healthcare and local government typically see 2-3% raises depending on their budgets and performance. Up until recently, CMS teacher hadn't seen a raise in over 3 years.

#2 When you’re stuck behind school buses on your way to work. Thanks CMS.

With 140,000 CMS students, our city has schools spread throughout. You’re bound to end up behind one on your commute.

#3 When you work at one of the following: a bank, a hospital, a school, or Duke Energy and/or many of our start-up.

#4 You go to Alive After FIve

#5 When you’re self-employed and get to work out of a Coworking space

Your office looks like the 2016 Spring Ikea catalog with fridges full of beer and you cannot live without Uber, Favor or Slack

#6 Common Market, Rhino Market, 7th Street Public and Earl’s Grocery are your second office.

Hell, you just like markets

#7 When you get to go home early due to the weather

Whether a tree knocks down a power line or two snowflakes hit the ground and stick, you’re going home.

#8 When you get a long weekend due to the weather

We normally get a nice long cold weekend barricaded in our homes and the only thing keeping us from working is a thin, but dangerous, layer of ice on the roads

#9 When you spend more time on 485, 77 and 85 than actually at the office

May the odds be ever in your favor

#10 When you have a Panthers/Hornets hangover

You literally can't function work because your home team’s performance on the field and court are down right stressful.

#11 When you have too many beer/brew options after work

#12 When you get your career advice from EatWorkPlay and get connected to lots of other young professionals


Christine Edwards | @missedwardsclt

Public service is my jam. Lover of good wine and southern food.