Charlotte Hornets 2016 Schedule + A Hornets History Lesson

Charlotte Hornets 2016 Season Schedule

If there's anything Charlotteans love more than tacos and bunch it's our sports teams. We have all the best categories checked off:  Knights, Checkers, Panthers and the Hornets. Nothing quite brings people together like organized sports. Even if you're more into ice-skating or soccer, you can still appreciate the community a home team creates.

Even our main man Cam loves the Hornets <3

All of our sports teams have a unique history but our Hornets have the most heartwarming story of them all. If you are new to Charlotte and aren't aware of our beloved Hornets history, let me brief you. 

Buzz City!

1988 | The Charlotte Hornets were established in 1988, playing home games in a Coliseum that sadly no longer exists. As a kid I remember going to games with my dad, and I also remember the day it was demolished. It was also an era in time that the color Teal went ablaze and became part of 80's fashion. Everyone had Hornets gear!

Insider tip:  The Hornets jersey was designed by North Carolina native Alexander Julian and was the first NBA team to don pinstripes.

2002 | Our team moved to New and all. Two years later, Charlotte finally had a new basketball team, the Bobcats. Even though the Queen City was happy to have a new sports arena in uptown, the new team wasn't widely accepted in our hearts.

We were still a bit bitter from the Hornets departure and it didn't help that the Bobcats had a terrible scoring average. At one point their overall record was 7-59 and were the second worst in the league.

For this and many other reasons, the Bobcats just weren't a good fit for Charlotte.

2014 - present | The greatest basketball player of all time, Michael Jordan, gained majority ownership of the Bobcats in 2010. A few years later in 2013, he applied for the name to be changed back to the Hornets and New Orleans decided to re-brand themselves.

Once we heard the news, all we could think was "OMG the Hornets are coming back!". 

Charlotte officially had the Hornets back for the 2014-2015 NBA season. We ended the season with an overall record of 48-34.

An updated version of the old logo told everyone we meant business and that we were once again made whole. Social media went nuts over our new team campaign "Buzz City" and to this day Instagram account "Bring Back the Buzz" has more than 24 thousand followers.

2016-17 Regular Season Schedule

The arena uptown will no longer be referred to as Time Warner Cable Arena due to the bad reputation TWC has in customer service and other areas. No more negative vibes around this team! 

The new name is now Spectrum Center. Without further ado, here is our Charlotte Hornets schedule for 2016-2017 regular season. 

Buy some Hornets gear and go to a game!

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Written By:  Jessica Moore | @finickylady
Native Charlottean and good food guru who loves cupcakes, whiskey and Sunday brunch.