Meet the Charlotte Food Truck App...Your New Best Friend!

By: Lauren Livesay

Charlotte’s One-Stop Shop for Food Trucks

The new app, Charlotte Food Trucks, is a must have for local foodies.  Launched in August of 2016, it allows hungry residents to connect with local food trucks in a way that has not existed before.

The concept was created by Charlotte locals, Brandon Davis and Byron Brewer, who when not working in their busy day jobs are volunteers for Guys with Ties (  The two of them along with Terry Brooks, a business contact of Byron’s out of Atlanta, developed the app.

The app is a one-stop shop for all Charlotte food truck operators and customers.

Each truck operator can use the Merchant Login button to add the details of where they will be.  These details can be as basic as when and where, but can also include a special offer.  There are currently 75 trucks listed on the app, but a few exist in Charlotte.  All are welcome!

So you like to eat…

For the resident foodies, you have many options.  You can look at the event calendar to see what trucks will be at upcoming events.  This list includes the weekly events at breweries and Uptown parks as well as the upcoming Eat from a Truck Festival at AvidXchange Music Factory on September 10th.

But wait, it gets better…

Since we are all looking for a way to save money, make sure you take advantage of the special offers and loyalty card buttons on the app.  The loyalty card works like your standard lunch rewards card, but is completely electronic.  The truck employee will “stamp your card” by entering a code that counts as your order.

Each customer can also rate the truck.  The review you give is quick and easily accomplished on your mobile device.  It will be sent directly to the food truck operator, so they'll receive the feedback.

As the app becomes well known amongst the food truck community, there are additional opportunities that exist.  There is a button titled Classifieds that allows each truck to post job availabilities and equipment needs.  

Heads up for Event Planners!

Side note for businesses that want to add a food truck to an upcoming event or party, you can also achieve that on the Charlotte Food Truck app.  You just have to submit your event details i.e. time, date, and how many people.  If you don’t have a specific truck in mind, you can choose a cuisine (the option exists for multiple choices).  The trucks will contact you directly if they are available.  

Everything about this app is user-friendly.  It’s also time-saving as it has direct links to each truck’s menu, website, and phone number.

The app is available on both Android and iPhone devices.  

Oh yeah, and it is free.  Yep, free.  So what are you waiting for? Download it today.


Written by Lauren Livesay | @naivelyconfident

Event planner, cooking enthusiast, and lover of cheap wine