Four Tips to Mastering the After-Work Social

You’re Doing it Wrong

So you get invited to and event, or Facebook suggest you attend one. The description is right up your alley and you're like great, there will be food AND drink with my RSVP. Count me in!

Beer, music, food and networking can persuade almost any young professional to attend your after work social.

However, weekday events between 6:00 and 8:00 pm can be hard to manage. So many thoughts rush through your mind!

  • What do I do in the interim?
  • Do I need to bring my RSVP confirmation?
  • How can I avoid being stuck in traffic?
  • Or worse, will I just be completely unprepared? 

Not to worry, I've got 4 pointers to help you out!

Ticket Please?

So you clicked “interested” in the event on Facebook. But wait, do I need to a ticket? You might want to check out the page info and click “going” to receive updates on the event as well as any potential last minute changes. Once you’ve get the Eventbrite confirmation, you're good to go! 

Make sure your phone is fully charged in case they need to digitally scan your confirmation.

Am I dressed appropriately?

Questions to ask yourself so you are well prepared. Check the event page the night before for updates!

  • Are my work clothes fancy enough for this event?
  • Is this an interactive event and am I going to sweat?
  • Do I have flipflops I can keep in my purse?

Pack an extra pair of heels, a blazer or even some joggers. You can never be too prepared!

Beat the traffic!

This is the tricky part about going to a 6:30 pm event in Charlotte. Depending on where you work, it can take 30-45 minutes to get through rush hour traffic and find a decent parking spot, especially in Uptown.

  • Find out where the parking options are beforehand and give yourself plenty of time. Might even be a good idea for you to have some cash for those cash-only lots.
  • Try to leave work a little early. Pitch to your boss that it's all about "networking" and "future business".
  • 7th Street Market is the perfect spot for when you have spare in between work and a later event. 

Pro tip: Give yourself time to grab a drink and maybe a snack at the 7th Street Market. They'll validate if you're purchasing food.

Join me, won’t you!

It’s always nice to have a networking buddy for these types of events. If it’s with an organization or company you’re unfamiliar with, bring someone with you! It helps to have someone to work the room with you.

Most online ticketing platforms allow you to share your RSVP on social media so others can come!

When all else fails, you know when you come to an EWP event, you’ll be in good company.

Stay tuned for my next article on how to effectively flake on these events!

Written by:  Christine Edward | @missedwardsclt
Public service is my jam. Lover of good wine and southern food.