5 Reasons to Attend the Next Charlotte Millennial Art Project Gathering!

By: Harrison Reeves

Appreciate Art with Charlotte Millennial Art Project

“Art is a lot like beer or wine. But for some reason, it’s a lot harder for a young adult to get into.”

Back at the first Charlotte Millennial Art Program event in April, speaker Michael Orell shared his experience of becoming an art collector as a young professional. Just like beer or wine, Orell says there is good art, and there is bad art, and different styles of art generate different preferences. Now, while you may have tolerated Busch Light in college, it doesn’t take long to realize how much better Wooden Robot’s craft brews are than their cheaper counterparts. Art is the same way.

Why, then, is it harder to get into art, to appreciate the difference between “good” and “bad” art, and to learn your favorite style of art? And why is it such a difficult subject to approach for millennials? Those are the questions that the Charlotte Millennial Art Program, or CLTMAP, are out to answer.

CLTMAP is a gathering on the last Wednesday of every month at the Elder Art Gallery in Southend. It provides a casual setting to meet young professionals, and hear a short presentation on art. Previous topics have included “Overview of Art History” by Sally Jacobs, and “My life as a Charlotte Artist” by Stephanie Neely in addition to Michael Orell’s presentation.

The next CLTMAP meeting will be on Wednesday, August 31, featuring Jennifer Edwards, the curator of the Bechtler Museum of Modern Art, speaking about the “Movers and Shakers” in the contemporary art world.

So, why should you come join the CLTMAP Community?

1 – It’s Free, and It’s Local!

Refreshments are provided by Wooden Robot Brewery and Queen City Catering. CLTMAP has Charlotte in it’s name, and is proud to partner up with local businesses who appreciate bringing our community together to learn about this common interest.

2 – No Judgement Zone

Whether you were an art history major or have no art experience, all are welcome, and are free to ask whatever questions they’d like. CLTMAP’s goal is to allow millennials to grow and develop their interest in art, no matter the starting point.

Yes, “What is art?” is a valid question! We’re still figuring that one out ourselves…

3 – The Community

CLTMAP is proud to have a growing collection of members to network with! Who needs an icebreaker? You’re in Charlotte and you like art!

4 – The Speakers

CLTMAP’s speakers are engaging, knowledgeable, and, yes, patient. They share the objective of CLTMAP to pass the appreciation of art on to the next generation. The very first question at our first meeting was, “Why is that good?”, as the attendee pointed to an abstract painting on the wall.

Besides, who has time for art snobs anyway?

5 – The Gallery

Elder Art Gallery is a great open space that provides a welcoming social venue for the event. The gallery also features rotating exhibits, so you will get to build your exposure to different styles of art and really get to learn what you’re interested in.