CycleBar - Intoxicating and High-Energy Cardio Arrives in Midtown

What is CycleBar?

A fitness studio focused on high energy instructors, upbeat music and effective equipment. The first studio was opened by a brother and sister in Boston back in 2004. They've been perfecting their vision and partnering with other fitness enthusiasts.

CycleBar comes to Midtown!

Charlotte now has our own CycleBar located in Midtown. Opened by Mark and Lisa Palmer, they are generously offering free classes for the next 10 days! We attended a fitness preview last night of their studio space, participated in a class and then grubbed on amazing food catered from Yafo Kitchen & Paco's Tacos & Tequila

Welcoming Words and Ribbon Cutting

Mark and Lisa warmly welcomed and thanked all of us who attended yesterdays preview. They are incredibly happy to be part of CycleBar and to bring something new to Charlotte's fitness arena. 

We also had a visit from City Council District 1, Patsy Kinsey, who spoke a few words welcoming CycleBar to her district and how proud she is to have them in the neighborhood.

What's different about CycleBar?

We've got a plethora of yoga studios, boot-camps, running clubs, unique workouts like AIRfit, spin classes at the Y and other studios around town. I personally like yoga and running over all other types of workouts so this was something new for me. I needed this to be fun, and CycleBar exceeded my expectations.

There's a DJ booth, so it's really easy to forget that you're there to workout.

All you want to do is dance to the club-like music. Luckily your feet are locked into place and all you can do is pedal along to the beat. It might be true that if you don't have rhythm on the dance floor, you just might have it on a bike! 

Things got a little heated when a remake of Ginuwine's song "Pony" came on and a few of us had towels swinging in the air. It was dimly lit so I couldn't see the few guys in the room, but I'm sure they were blushing. 

It was incredibly fun and the room was filled with upbeat positive energy.

Just Keep Pedaling

Constance knew how to keep us going when we started to tire out. Slow and steady, then fast and hard. There were even small weight bars to curl and lift. It was a perfect mixture to make sure you were engaged the entire time. 

Every now and then she would turn on the scoreboard display to see our rank. Don't let this discourage you, it did the complete opposite for me. 

Towards the end, Constance pushed us to move at least two spots up on the scoreboard and beat our personal best. 

What I found unique and thoughtful, was that I received an email shortly after the class with my stats!

CycleGiving Mission

"At the heart of CycleBar® is our passion for giving back to the community. As a community ambassador, we have created CycleGiving™, a philanthropic movement which partners with local organizations and charities to help them raise donations. We create exciting and energetic indoor cycling rides for companies, teams, groups, and families to help raise proceeds that benefit their cause. This is a unique form of cause marketing that promotes health and wellness with a one-of-a-kind fitness experience to create successful fundraising events inside our studios."

If you're looking for something new, stop by CycleBar before you head over to Trader Joe's or Target in Midtown.

You've got 10 more days to check out a class free of charge. What are you waiting for?

For more information you can connect with them here! Facebook | Instagram | Web

Written by:  Jessica Moore | @finickylady
Native Charlottean and good food guru who loves cupcakes, whiskey and Sunday brunch.