Golden Cow Creamery - Hand Crafted, Small Batch Icecream comes to South End

By: Jessica Moore




How many accountants does it take to open an icecream shop?

Just two! This is the story of Alex and Liz Hannah and how Golden Cow Creamery is setting a new standard in quality icecream.

North Carolina natives Alex and Liz Hannah found their love for icecream in their career travels to Denver, Colorado and around the world. They talked more about icecream as a business idea when they moved back to Charlotte and realized we were in need of more icecream shops.

Having a hand crafted, small batch mindset required the support of family, friends and their community. 

Their love for icecream didn't stop at just creating something for everyone to enjoy. 

They pledge to give back to the city and our local charities with what they call "Queen's Share". 

Hand Crafted, Small Batch Icecream

Golden Cow Creamery is dedicated to creating the best quality icecream possible.

There are no food coloring additives, fillers, stabilizers, artificial syrups or any premixes. They use real milk, eggs, cream, and sugar or coconut for their vegan customers.

Sourcing from local farmers and distributors whenever possible, and choosing only the finest natural ingredients.

Unique Flavors

We are all familiar with Salted Caramel, from brownies to lattes and basically everything in between that we can put salt or caramel on. Let's be honest, we are obsessed.

Have you ever had Salted... wait for it... OREO?! 

I have never traveled to Denver so all I can do is trust that this flavor was such a huge hit that Alex and Liz wanted to recreate it here in Charlotte.

With over 100 recipes, I have a feeling this one will be in the top 3 selling flavors! 

Pineapple Habanero and Dunkaroos? Yes, please!

  • Pictured | Salted Oreo, Strawberry, Pistachio, Lemon Blueberry, Mocha
  • Other Flavors | Vegan Coconut, Pineapple Habanero, Honey Lavendar, Mint Chocolate Chip, PB & J, Dunkaroos, and many more in the works!

Puppy Pops & Flights

Maybe because I don't have a dog that this idea is new to me. I've seen dog cookies and desserts before but not icecream! 

This idea was actually requested by the very dog-friendly apartment building which they are attached to. They gladly agreed to give it a shot. How nice of them right :D

Charlotte is becoming widely known as a brewery city so it only makes sense that Golden Cow will offer you a flight of icecream.

Location, Hours & Collaborations

They are on the first floor of the District Flats apartment complex at the corner of Summit Avenue and South Church Street, facing the Summit side. 

  • Monday | Closed
  • Tuesday | 12-8pm
  • Wednesday | 12-8pm
  • Thursday | 12-9pm
  • Friday | 12-10pm
  • Saturday | 12-10pm
  • Sunday | 12-8pm

They will be collaborating on some new flavor combinations and pairings with other local restaurants and breweries in their neighborhood. All of which have shown interest in supporting this awesome couple and their new venture.

Wouldn't you want to attend a craft beer & icecream pairing event?!

Pint Club

Are you serious about icecream? Prove it!

Golden Cow is offering an exclusive membership program on 1 pint a month for $100 a year.

Each month you'll receive rare and unique ingredients hand crafted by Alex and Liz themselves. 

They aren't kidding around when it comes to giving you the absolute best recipe. Taste-testing and perfecting it night after night just to put you on cloud nine with just one bite. 

Queen's Share

It's clear that Alex and Liz passionate about icecream. They are also committed to Charlotte and their community.

With every scoop of icecream sold, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to a local charity every month. 

Show your support for this lovely couple and their icecream dreams!

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Written By:  Jessica Moore | @finickylady
Native Charlottean and good food guru who loves cupcakes, whiskey and Sunday brunch.