The Bachelorette Finale...True Love?

By: Spencer Collins


The Bachelorette Recap: The Finale

all the things you’re thinking while watching The Bachelorette, but don’t want to say

By now, we all know who JoJo chose, so this recap is going to be a bit shorter since there’s nothing else to look towards.

The episode begins by JoJo saying, “When I’m with Robby, I think of Jordan. When I’m with Jordan, I think of Robby.”

Hearing her say this makes me think she really can’t be 100% in love with either of them.

Jordan meets JoJo’s family first and it’s a bit awkward. He brings silly hats for everyone so they can all make fun of each other. SO ODD.

JoJo’s mom thinks Jordan and JoJo are too much alike. She also thinks Jordan is someone that everyone likes which will bring out JoJo’s past insecurities. JoJo defends Jordan to the death and says that this won’t happen.

Every time Jordan opens his mouth to talk to JoJo’s family, all I can think is that his media training is really coming out.

Robby’s meeting with JoJo’s family seems a bit more sincere.

Robby asks JoJo’s parents for her hand in marriage. JoJo’s dad loves this, but spills the beans and tells Robby that JoJo loves him. WHOOPS!

After meeting both men, JoJo’s parents tell her they like both guys, but that Robby is the one.

This is the only time I can remember where the family has really actually told the contestant who is the best choice. However, JoJo is not happy that her family is so #TeamRobby. To me, this shows that she wants to end up with Jordan, but doesn’t want to go against her family.

On their final one on one date, JoJo says how much she trusts Robby and by him saying he loved her so early on made her trust him. Sorry, but if a guy tells me he loves me after three weeks, I usually run the other way.

Jordan’s date is the total opposite. JoJo can’t stop thinking about how Jordan didn’t ask her dad for her hand in marriage. Jordan gives a weird explanation that makes my head spin. To me, this makes it seem like he isn’t really ready to get married.

However, as we all saw, Jordan calls JoJo’s dad and asks for permission. He then writes JoJo a letter to let her know he’s asked her dad. I think this seals the deal for JoJo.

JoJo says goodbye to Robby all while telling him she did love him and wanted it to be him, but her heart was somewhere else. I don’t know if this helps or hurts the person whose heart you’re breaking.

As we all knew deep down from the beginning, JoJo picks Jordan.

I really hope everything goes well for them, because I think they are a cute couple, but I still don’t 100% trust Jordan. But hey, he moved to Dallas with her and they got a house, so I guess everything is good so far.

Courtesy: JoJo and Jordan’s Instagram accounts

Written by: Spencer Collins | @spencer_elizabeth

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