Clean Eatz - New Charlotte Healthy Lifestyle Cafe!

By:  Jacob Robinson

Clean Eatz is Bringing Quick Healthy Food to Charlotte!

You’re a young professional. You wake up just late enough to make it to the Scaleybark station to catch the last train to Uptown that will get you to work on time. Then you work…eat…work some more…drive home ….eat again, and then spend the rest of your evening working or watching Netflix with your significant other. Most of you can relate, right?!

So then let’s be honest, M-F you’re not living the healthiest lifestyle, and if you are, then we should get in touch. I need to know your secrets.

One of the most important things we can do to take care of our bodies is by establishing healthy eating habits. Why wouldn’t you want to? We're in this thing called “life” for the long haul. But, eating healthy can be challenging in this non-stop world we live in!

Well, let me introduce you to Clean Eatz, a new “café” opening in Charlotte.

I met up with the owner Mitch, and he wants all of you to know why his first Clean Eatz in the Charlotte area is more than just a café!

Clean Eatz is an uplifting café that exists to not only educate you on healthy living but also provide you with an avenue to actually live a healthier lifestyle through the food that you eat.

The Clean Eatz Menu

Clean Eatz has built its business on providing healthy food to its patrons all under 500 calories. Clean Eatz also has a no soda policy giving you tasty fruit-infused waters instead!

What you'll find on the menu:

  • Bowls
  • Salads
  • Wraps
  • Flatbreads
  • Burgers
  • Sandwiches
  • Desserts...yes, desserts

Gluten Free, Paleo, or Vegan? Clean Eatz does it all!

If you don’t want to dine-in at their hip and vibrant café, just swing by and pick-up one of their Grab-n-Go options.

Pre-Packaged Meals

Meal prep is an amazing way to save time. Unfortunately sometimes meal prep companies are not very healthy and most of them are expensive. Here comes Clean Eatz to the rescue! 

With as low as $6 per meal, you can have pre-packaged, healthy meals delivered to your home (Clean Eatz parters with Postmates)! They are hand prepared and Clean Eatz offers 5 new meals per week.

Simply order between Thursday and Sunday and pick-up (or have delivered) on Monday or Tuesday. It’s that easy!

Opening day is set for mid-September in Ayrsley (but no official date yet) and Mitch plans on opening 4 more within the Charlotte area.

I don’t know about you, but I’m looking forward to experiencing this new healthy lifestyle Mitch and Clean Eatz are bringing to Charlotte! I need all the help I can get!


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Written by:  Jacob Robinson
Spanish speaker, country music singer and Charlotte native.