Kid Cashew - 5 Reasons They Remain a Charlotte Favorite!

By:  Jessica Moore

Sharing Flavors & Laughter

That's the motto of Kid Cashew. Since opening day 8 months ago, they haven't skipped a beat. Over the past several months everyone has either been talking about their experience the night before, when they're going for the first time, or when planning their second visit.

The neighborhood of Dilworth and the rest of Charlotte has welcomed them with open arms and have become our BFF as the hippest spot in town.

The trio behind Kid Cashew stems from the legendary restaurant owner Giorgio Bakatsias, restaurateur Martin Sprok and super businessman (yes super) Azam Mehdi. These guys have created a concept that everyone has fallen in love with.

Whether you're going for craft cocktails or simply to enjoy their spacious patio, we all want to go because it's a comfortable place to be.

Kid Cashew's success and hype on social media has proven they are a positive force in the Charlotte restaurant scene. We want to be sure you know exactly what makes Kid Cashew special. 

5 Reasons EatWorkPlay Loves Kid Cashew

1 ) Sister Restaurant | French restaurant George's Brasserie in SouthPark is their sister restaurant. The same food quality, courtesy of the staff and structure go into both of these restaurants. 

2 ) Theme | Even though they are categorized as Mediterranean, they are more focused on a "farmer & butcher" approach to their menu. Their decor is simple, raw, and chic at the same time. It fits what you would think of if you were to visit a stylish farmer's home, wood and chandeliers everywhere!

3 ) Family Style Menu | The idea behind the menu was specifically designed to be cost effective for a family (or group) of 4 to dine under $30. We all get greedy when it comes to Brussels Sprouts, but let's remember that "Sharing is Caring".

With 5 sections of the menu, ideally you would order 1 protein and 2-3 sides and salad or go for a sandwich if you are one of those sandwich lovers. Choices include:

  • Small Plates, Salads, Sandwiches, From the Farmer, From the Butcher.

3 ) Scratch-Made | Given the small kitchen and their goal to be as fresh as can be, there is no fryer and no freezer to be found. Everything is made from scratch and all of their meats are cooked on a wood-fired grill, which you can see from the dining room.

4 ) Cocktails | We Charlotteans love a good craft cocktail and if we're being honest, are a bit obsessed. KC has some unique ones. The name "The Goat's Breast Milk " cocktail should be enough to intrigue you?

5 ) Brunch! | Kid Cashew has jumped on that 'Brunch Train' with full steam ahead by not only offering a Sunday Brunch Menu, but also on Saturday! Most places around town only offer brunch on Sunday's, so hats off to KC!

They'll be open for brunch on Saturday's & Sunday's from 11am-3pm with drink specials as well as free Kids Brunch through the month of September!

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Written By:  Jessica Moore | @finickylady
Native Charlottean and good food guru who loves cupcakes, whiskey and Sunday brunch.