4 Reasons to Attend the PBR Charlotte Invitational

By: Jacob Robinson
IG: @elcapitanjake

An Amazing Night of Adrenaline

If you haven’t heard, Professional Bull Riders (PBR for short) is coming to Charlotte! Maybe you’ve been before, but I’m willing to bet many of you are just like me and have never attended. I’m excited for an action packed night of entertainment, but BE WARNED…This is not your county fair spectacle! It’s an amazing night of adrenaline! 

In the spirt of one of the fastest growing sports in the United States, I’m going to share 4 reasons to attend the PBR Charlotte Invitational, just in case you have your doubts! 

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Date Night

Let’s face it, Friday night date night is getting a little bland. Takeout + Netflix gets the job done most of the time, but sometimes you have to spice it up! First, hit uptown and grab something delicious, maybe try 204 North? Then make your way to the Spectrum Center (formerly Time Warner Cable Arena) for the highlight of your September!

Side note: EatWorkPlay has the hook-up to make sure you save some cash! Use the code PBR15 to save $15 on the Sept 16th event and code PBR5 to save $5 on the Sept 17th event.

P.S – in case you’re still not convinced…PBR is a natural aphrodisiac! ;-)

You Look Good in Tight Jeans & Cowboy Boots

At one point in time we’ve all dreamed of being a cowboy or cowgirl. Heck- life on the range, away from the hustle and bustle of the 9-5 is starting to sound quite intriguing. And, inevitably you’ve purchased a pair or two of tight fitting jeans, cowboy boots, and possibly a cowboy hat. #nojudgement

I’ve got a pair of boots I bought in college and ‘by god’, I’ll be sporting those to PBR. I look great in them (at least in my mind) and I never have any reason to wear them!

If you got it, flaunt it. So, put on your boots and tight jeans and join me in embracing the cowboy culture that’s rolling into the QC.

Guys or Girls Night Out

Didn’t like the date night idea, or maybe you don’t have a significant other? Fine. Grab 6-7 of your most rowdy and fun friends and make it a gender exclusive event. Besides, the other sex can really put a damper of a night of good fun. Men, if you’re reading this with your girlfriend, opt for #1 (date night).

Energize your Week

Most of us spend our days working for the (wo)man, which has its perks, but sometimes it can get old. Add in the routines we get into on a weekly basis and our week to week can become pretty mundane.

No worries. PBR is billed as one of the most exciting sports in the US.

Yeah, each ride lasts 8 seconds, but you’re literally watching two athletes (bull and rider) compete against each other in a test of strength, balance, and determination.

You’re going to have an awesome story to tell everyone on Monday morning! 

Don't forget to use our EWP codes to save on buying your tickets. Use the code PBR15 to save $15 on the Sept 16th event and code PBR5 to save $5 on the Sept 17th event.


Written by:  Jacob Robinson | @elcapitanjake
Spanish speaker, country music singer and Charlotte native.