4 Best Patios in Charlotte

By: Megan Jasso
IG: @meg_jass

Daydreaming of After-Work Drinks on a Patio

I don’t know about you, but this weather is making it harder for me to concentrate at work and easier for me to daydream about after-work drinks on a patio (sorry, boss). Plus, there is no better way to unwind after a stressful day than a few drinks outside. So, in honor of us all officially having spring fever, here are my top four patio choices around Charlotte:

#1 VBGB - Music Factory

I can’t say enough good things about VBGB, but I’ll start with this: it has everything on my list for an outdoor drinking sesh. Good food (try the burgers), awesome, local craft beer and games (the trivia on Thursday is my favorite in Charlotte!).

The “lifesize” Jenga game at VBGB is so fun, and I love that you can join the weekly beach volleyball league that plays here. Or you can be like me, and just watch and tell yourself you need to join soon.  

#2 Hot Taco - Southend

I might be a little biased, because Hot Taco is right across from my office which makes it way too easy to wander over after work. That being said, the combination of margaritas and patios is a match made in heaven. They have a margarita with a mini bottle of champagne in it. CHAMPAGNE. It’s my dream come true.

Bonus points here because you get free chips and salsa (score!). Also, try to go on Tuesday for the $2 tacos. I pretty much think nothing is spicy and the Muy Caliente taco almost killed me. I loved it. Also, it’s just too perfect that All American is right next door if you want to extend after work drinks a little later into the evening.

 #3 Sycamore Brewing- Southend

Of course, I had to include a brewery- is there any better place to do some drinking outside while it’s still light out?! Sycamore is by far my favorite brewery and has the best patio space, which is only going to get better- in case you missed it, the owners recently announced a massive expansion, including a rooftop patio. I. Can’t. Wait.

Anyway, Sycamore has awesome beer, a killer lineup of food trucks, and if last summer is any indicator, pretty soon they’ll be hosting live music nearly every night.  

#4 Whiskey Warehouse- Plaza Midwood

The only thing that’s better than a patio is a rooftop patio, especially one with an amazing skyline view like Whiskey Warehouse’s. With a full bar and plenty of tables, it’s one of my go-to spots for after work cocktails (get the Passion Fruit Mojito and you’ll instantly feel like you’re at the beach) and weekend Bloody Mary’s ($4 DIY bar!).

If you’re staying for food, I recommend their boneless wings. Nothing fancy, but insanely good. Inside tip: they say the Chipotle Ranch was taken off the menu, but they’ll still make it if you ask. I’d put that sauce on every meal if I knew how to make it.

- Megan