EatWorkPlay is co-hosting a 4th of July Splash Bash Pool Party. Here are 8 reasons to come.

By: Derek Bastien

Did someone say 4th of July Pool Party?

Yep, we did! We are really excited to have exclusively partnered with the Sheraton Hotel and Craft City Social Club for an epic 4th of July Pool Party! 

And, because EatWorkPlay is involved, we are making sure it is going to be THE party of the weekend. (Pst, you can buy your ticket here and check out the Facebook Event here). Here are 8 reasons why you should join us.

1. It's at the newly renovated (and large) Sheraton Hotel Pool

Both Le Meridien and The Sheraton Hotel have invested lots of $$$ in making their space absolutely gorgeous and modern, not to mention the fact that they just opened up the wildly popular City Lights Rooftop AND Craft City Social Club.

The place has been on fire (insert fire emoji you used when promoting your mixtape) ever since their grand openings. "Dope" (as in very cool) is another word you might use.

But in all seriousness, both hotels have gorgeous interiors that highlight their elegance.  And the space around the Pool is brand new and impeccable. Lovely Cabanas for rent, great views of uptown Charlotte, and a great space.

2. Craft City Social Club is right next door

With the entire space of Craft City Social Club included, the Pool area has a large capacity of 180+ people!

The best part is that while you're getting your tan on over at the pool, you can walk over to Craft City Social Club for drinks, food, and fun. It's bathing suit accessible and the only poolside social club in Charlotte. 

3. Special Edition King of Pops

We're not talking about Michael Jackson. We're talking about the special edition Red, White, and Blue Patriot Pops that King of Pops makes. The flavor is "Strawberry, Lemonade, n' Blueberry." Can you say...yum??

4. Signature Sparkle & Pop Cocktails

Photo via @blondeandbubbly

The cocktail that became famous at City Lights Rooftop will also be at Craft City Social Club for one day only!! Get a glass of prosecco with your favorite King of Pops popsicle dipped in there for a wonderful summer treat! 

5. Live Music

A pool party wouldn't be complete without some killer live music! Josh Daniel & Friends (of Charlotte-based band the New Familiars) will be playing live music from 1pm-5pm and setting the mood for a relaxing and fun event!

6. Games!

The best part about co-hosting this event at The Sheraton Hotel Pool and Craft City Social Club is NOT ONLY do you get all the awesomeness of a traditional pool party, you also have tons of complimentary games at Craft City Social Club including billiads, darts, foosball, life-sized Jenga, and shuffleboard!

7. You Can Bring More than 0-2 Friends

Huh? Well, you've probably heard by now that going to Pool Parties in Charlotte, especially in uptown, has become a delicate affair with a lot of large apartment complexes instituting strict 2 guest policies per resident or even apartment.

Which means inviting all of your friends for a big pool party is a tough dealio now, especially on a big holiday weekend.

However, for this event only, The Sheraton Hotel has opened up their pool to us!! They normally do not do this (nor partner with outside groups), but through an exclusive deal with The Sheraton, we have opened up their Pool for this event! 

You can bring your friends and attend THE Pool Party Event of the weekend!

8. EatWorkPlay will be there... playing!

Haha, get it? Terrible pun, I know. BUT, I will be there, as well as the rest of the EatWorkPlay Team.

If you haven't met us, we're insanely cool, funny people. Ok...maybe not cool, but definitely funny. Ok, fine...funny-looking, but we're really nice people, though! :)

You can buy tickets here! If you buy your ticket before Thursday at midnight, you can get $5 off with discount "EWP"!

Don't wait and pay more, buy your ticket now and click "Going" on the Facebook Event!


Well, I am very much looking forward to this much-needed long weekend. I hope to see you there with me at our 4th of July Splash Bash so we can unwind, relax, and have a great time. :)


Derek Bastien |

Chief Business Development Officer for EatWorkPlay, freestyle rapper, expert jokester, and professional socializer.