7 Desserts in Charlotte You'll Regret NOT Trying!

By: Rachel Brown
Queen City Chic




My Guide to Charlotte's Dessert Scene

As a Charlotte foodie, I have so many favorite spots and all in different areas too. It’s sometimes hard to narrow it down when my followers or friends ask me for advice. Seriously though, this city has such great food options these days that it gets difficult. So, I decided I’d pick a theme to help me, guide you.

First thing that came to mind? DESSERT. I know this may not help your spring bod, but I believe you have to indulge sometimes. Well, if and when you do decide to, all seven of these are totally worth the calories.

I’ll start with the most popular and a crowd favorite. I have to agree with everyone though! When I attended UNC Charlotte, I would make the trip down to NoDa just for this bakery. Now they’ve got quite a few locations around- thankfully.

#1 Amelies
Personal Favorite: Caramel Salted Brownie

I’m not a HUGE chocolate lover, but something about the balance of the sea salt and caramel in this dessert is perfection. The treats right beside the brownie that you may not recognize are their Pistachio Petit Four and a Vanilla Cream Puff.

#2 Ducks Donuts
Personal Favorite: Classic Glazed

I heard Ducks was amazing from a lot of friends before it came to Charlotte and boy, they were right. I could go for one anytime of the day. The toppings and options feel endless. If you like bacon by the way, you must try that one too!

Some of my next desserts are found in really awesome local restaurants, like Ilios Noche. The food there is killer and honestly, I usually eat so much pasta that I don’t make it to last course. However, I did a tasting recently just to check out their new dessert menu and everything on it was absolutely out of this world!

#3 Ilios Noche
Personal Favorite: Peanut Butter Cream Puffs

Ever since, I’m hooked on this insanely good dessert. It’s peanut butter mousse inside of two puff pastries with Belgian chocolate pieces in between them and drizzled with chocolate syrup. Now, I’m always wanting to save room for some.

#4 Pisces
Personal Favorite: Fried Oreos

Same thing goes with Pisces. Their food is spot on; therefore, their desserts are too. Check out this sampler I got one night to try a few different options. The winner was the Oreo though. It might sound like fair food, but I crave these!

#5 Pike’s Soda Shop
Personal Favorite: Chocolate Banana Milkshake

This is a classic treat you can’t beat. I would request this milkshake on sick days when I was younger because I’ve never had one as good as this. It always hits the spot. Fun fact? Pike's is where they had milkshakes in the movie Shallow Hal.

#6 Café Monte
Personal Favorite: Hot Beignets

A plate of these authentic, French beignets pair perfectly with another yummy last course option, an espresso. If you’ve never tried a beignet, you are missing out. It basically tastes like a donut and Café Monte tops theirs with chocolate syrup and powdered sugar for the win!

#7 Café Ganache
Personal Favorite: Kronut

Last on my list, another café that I love found in South Park Mall. They have the most unique desserts and especially their Kronut! It has been featured on EWP before and I have to mention it once again. This combo of a croissant and a donut is fun to try and taste. I ate it layer by layer to savor it the first time.

So, there you have it, Charlotte! There are many more desserts throughout our city to experience, but I hope you enjoyed a quick rundown on some of my personal favorites. Maybe a day when you have a craving or (I hope not) but just had a really bad day, you can turn to some of these for comfort.

From high to low prices, and from NoDa to South Park, these options are some that you really can’t miss out on. As a local writer, food blogger, and a dessert lover, I’ve loved sharing a bit of my advice. Stay sweet! Xoxo.

-Rachel Brown
Queen City Chic