EDIA Maps - A New Way to Explore Charlotte!

By: Carrie Hamrick
IG: @carriehamrick


Explore Charlotte with EDIA Maps

When is the last time you opened a map? No, not the app on your phone. I’m talking, real, folded, paper map. We get it, there may be one shoved in the back of your glove box, or in the pocket of your car door, but ever since smartphones, the real life map is a nearly-forgotten gem of yesteryear.

Until now.

EDIA Maps - standing for Every Day Is an Adventure - is a Charlotte-based, two-person map-making team that focuses on niche maps that encourage adventure. Being QC locals, the EDIA team developed the Charlotte Adventure Map based on handpicked favorites and insider secrets to some of the area’s coolest spots.

Here’s what you’ll get with the Charlotte Adventure Map:

●       Map of Charlotte with hand-drawn icons

●       Historical timeline of how Charlotte became Charlotte

●       Listing of locations, by neighborhood, and whether the spot is cash-only, free, or sometimes free

●       Itineraries for a day or night out

●       Daytrip ideas - places to check out that are no more than an hour and a half outside the city (My personal fav is a trip to my hometown of Shelby, NC for BBQ and brews!)

●       Spots to snag the best skyline photo

●       Ways to get around the city

Whether you were born and raised in Charlotte or looking for an adventure as summertime draws near, we can almost promise this map will give you more than one new spot to visit around the city. The Charlotte Adventure Map is $10 bucks well spent and the perfect way to plan your next date, girls day, or night on the town.

In addition to the Charlotte Adventure Map, be sure to check out other EDIA faves, the NC BBQ Map (ours is better, ya’ll), to the NC Beer Map (yeah, we have the best of that, too). All are $9.99 on their website, or you can find them in some local shops, too.

With summer around the corner, I’m looking for some awesome new places to discover, and I’ve already started recruiting my friends to join me on my journey.

Satisfy your wanderlust, and don’t forget to share! Use the hashtags #ewpclt, and #EDIAdventure as you find yourself on an adventure in the Queen City.

- Carrie Hamrick